"You are the cause of my problems!” Stella screamed at the top of her voice. She’d tried for so long to hold back on that statement but she couldn’t hold on anymore as she burst into uncontrollable tears.

“How do you mean? How can you even say that to me after all we’ve been through together?” Chikodi asked with so much worry and concern written all over her face as she spread out her hands in bewilderment.

“You know I have been nothing but a friend and sister to you and we’ve come a very long way”, she added since she wasn’t getting any reply from her weeping bestie.

She reached forward and held Stella with both hands as she pulled her into herself to give her room to rest on her.

“Stella please calm down na, this is not the end of the world and there’s definitely a way out of this situation trust me”. Chikodi said as she patted the sobbing Stella at her back.

“Chikodi I beg you in the name of God, please leave my house,” Stella said as she tried as much as possible to hold her tears and sound firm.

“What did you just say to me?” Chikodi asked with shock written all over her face.
“Chikodi you heard me clearly and I do not want to repeat myself.”

“You can’t be serious. Is it because of this small matter that you are sending me out of your house? Abeg calm down jor. What’s even doing this one? Is it because I came to help you find a solution that you want to insult me? Do you think me I don’t have my own issues? You better put yourself together oh! This is not campus; you are an adult and should be able to find solution so why are you transferring your aggression to me?” Chikodi ranted.

“For the last time Chikodi I have had enough of your advice and counsel to last me a lifetime, please; leave my house. Yes I agree I’m an adult, let me handle my problems by myself, thank you very much, you have tried for me. Oya bye-bye!” Stella spat out as she shoved Chikodi towards the door not before picking up her handbag and tossing it to her.

“Abegi, don’t push me jor. I’m out of your house already but don’t ever call me and cry o the phone, in fact don’t even dial my number or text me because I can see that you are nothing but an ingrate.

“I will never call again in my life and please remain out cause you have done enough damage!” Stella shouted as she slammed the door behind her ‘former’ bestie.

She walked back into her room throw herself on the bed and broke down in tears. If only she could turn back the hands of time. If only she had listened to the right advice, she wouldn’t have been in this messy situation.

Stella had wept for almost fifteen minutes when she began to have a terrible headache that threatened to burst her head. She tried to stand up from the bed to take a pain reliever but her body felt too heavy for her. In her mind, she prayed.
“Oh God please help me. I know I don’t deserve your mercy right now because I must have caused you so much pain but please help me!”
She didn’t even know when she passed into sleep mood.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

While in the cab on her way home, Chikodi couldn’t get her mind off the incident that just transpired between she and Stella.

“How could she treat me like this?” She thought to herself. For all she could recall she had been nothing less than a good friend to Stella since they met over thirteen years ago.

Although it was a mutual relationship as she had also benefitted from her, as Stella’s family was known for their wealth and generosity.

Her thoughts wandered back to their early days on campus at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Stella arrived her room that cold October evening in 2004 as a fresher, popularly called a ‘Jambito”, looking so young and naïve as she enquired if that was room 243 of Bello female hostel.

Although she herself was in first year, she was more like an old cargo on campus having earlier done her two-year diploma program before finally securing admission to study Economics in the Faculty of Social Science.

She could proudly say that she had taken it upon herself to be Stella’s tour guide and ensuring she had proper orientation of life on campus though she was an Arts student.

“Ah! Chikodi you don suffer. A whole me! After everything I did for that fool, so she has the mind to send me out of her house. Chai. I don’t blame her. I will show her that you don’t ever bite the fingers that fed you!”

“Madam are you talking to me?” the cab driver cut into her soliloquizing.

“Oga please look forward! Have you gotten to the address I gave you? Please keep driving I'm not talking to you!” she retorted.

 Watch out for Part 2😉

Onyinye Udeh


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