The vibration and ringing of her phone both startled and jerked her to consciousness. She reached under her pillow and checked the caller’s identity..
“Oh dear. Kevin! I need you right now but I'm sorry you're the last person I can talk to." She said to herself.
She silenced the phone and put it back under her pillow.
Her head was seriously pounding and if she didn’t take that pain reliever now shed surely be doomed  as her brain may burst out of her skull any minute.
Pulling herself up with so much difficulty, she dragged her feet to the cabinet in the kitchen to help herself with two tablets of Panadol extra.
As she headed back to the room, she noticed her phone was still ringing. She picked it up wanting to switch it off and there was a text message beep.
“My love please pick my call, we need to talk.” It was from Kevin. Her heart ached so much as she cried some more knowing that she couldn’t have what she needed most.
How on earth could she tell the man she loved so much that they could not be together?
She wiped r tears from her eyes as switched off the phone knowing she would be unable to ignore his call again.
Kevin was everything she ever wanted in a man and more. Stella alone knew how much she felt about him after he had proved himself genuine repeatedly.
Deep in her heart, she knew Kevin loved her and that was why he had popped the question three days ago in the presence of his parents.
“Stella Uzoigwe, make me the happiest man on earth, please will you marry me?” he’d asked on his knees.
She could still hear his sweet voice ringing in her head. With tears in her eyes she’d ran away, out of the restaurant where they were having dinner.
Out into the street, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her until she was able to catch her breath and get a cab.
If she had gone home, she was sure he’d come after her so she headed to a church she usually passes on her way to work. There she spent the night, though weeping all through.
Who does that? Who runs away from the man of her dreams on the night he proposes to you in the presence of his parents after three years of friendship?
Stella had always known she was not normal and that’s the only explanation for such action. Happiness and love where definitely not meant for people like her, or so she thought.
Kevin would never want to marry her once he found out who she really is, so why should she accept his proposal when she knew there was no future for them?

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
“Chikodi I know you are her best friend that’s why I’m calling you. Please help me. I can’t go on like this,” Kevin said into his phone with Chikodi at the other end of the line.
“Kevin my hands are tied oh. Please go and settle with her and leave me out of this,” she responded.
“But you know I’m in love with your friend Stella. I’ve visited her home and office several times to no avail. I’ve called her number a million and one times and she has even switched off her phone. I don’t know what to do.”
“Hmm Mr. Lover, the person you are even killing yourself for doesn’t deserve all this love you’re wasting,” Chikodi said spitefully.
“What do you mean by that?” Kevin asked with surprise written all over his face.
“Kevin you know I like you very much, so I’ll just help you the best way I can.”
“Okay id really appreciate that. What should I do now?” Kevin enquired.
Chikodi was silent for a moment.
“Hello? Are you still there? Can you hear me?” Kevin asked with worry in his voice.
“Yes I can hear you, in fact let’s meet. It’s not a phone conversation thing. Ill text you an address, meet me there by 7.30pm today.”
“Oh! Great! I’ll be there. Thanks a lot.” Kevin said before the line went dead.


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