It’s been three weeks since Kevin’s proposal and Stella was still finding it difficult getting over the incident.

She’d blocked his number although she was still getting text messages from him since she had also blocked him on WhatsApp and Facebook hoping the silence would help her forget him.

Gradually she'd formed the habit of stopping at the church after work in a bid to avoid meeting him at home by surprise.

Her constant going to church had also given her the opportunity of meeting a lot of new people who somehow took her mind off the situation she was going through.

The Pastor of the church was a nice man and most of his congregation were also homely and accepting. It was easy to fall in love with the church environment and its members. This also helped her do some personal soul searching and had drawn her closer to God.

From all the Pastor's preaching, she was very convinced that God had forgiven her and was going to give her another chance to live a purposeful life.

Somehow inside her, Stella felt a kind of peace she was sure she had never experienced before. The church's Bible Study service had ended over an hour ago and it was getting late.

"The sooner I start heading home the better," Stella whispered to herself as she gathered her things together.

As she stepped out of the church auditorium towards the entrance gate, she couldn't believe her eyes.

The darkness couldn't hide his identity neither could the night light shield her from him.

***         ****           ***           ***          ***           ***            ***           ***           ***          ***

"You're not planning to run again, are you? Even if you do, I'll follow you to the ends of the earth," Kevin said as he stood in an alert position in case she made any move to run.

"How did you find me?" Stella asked obviously frightened.

"Never mind. I found you, that's all that matters," Kevin replied with so much confidence.

"Kevin I'm sorry I have to be on my way home. Please just let me go," Stella pleaded as the tears in her eyes began to build up.

"Stella I am not leaving here until you talk to me. If you want to run, I'm ready otherwise let's sit and talk like civilized people"

"At least I deserve an explanation," he added.

"I'm not what you want. Please find someone else who loves you as much as you deserve. Just forget about me." Stella said calmly

"No way, Stella. You have no idea. If you think I'm going to leave you then you don't know me. Just open your heart and give me a chance."

"Kevin please don't make this difficult. We can just go our separate ways. You can still find happiness, just forget me," she said as tears began to flow.

"Stella I am not leaving here without you. You are my happiness. You know how much I love you," Kevin replied as he came closer to hold her.

"Please don't...." She wanted to say.

"You think I'll leave you because you don't have a womb?" Kevin cut her.

© Onyinye Udeh

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