Dear Mother!

I visited my elder sister who recently put to birth (her 3rd child) and as usual, my mum was at her place to take care of her and the baby as is our custom. I happen to spend the night with them and I made some observations.

You see my mum is a very strong woman, I actually think she's the strongest woman on earth, having had 7 children and being able to train and school them all up to their 1st degree.

Some things she does will make you doubt that she's 63. She's up very early in the morning, prepared bathwater and breakfast for the kids, bathed and dressed them all including my sister, had her own bath, ensures everyone has breakfast after morning devotion and she's out to market just to make sure she finishes cooking before lunchtime.

While she's cooking,  she ensures the house is clean and peaceful so that my sister can have some rest after staying up to nurse the baby a night. Did I mention that she did laundry before going to the market? Hmm! How could I have missed that?

Sometimes I wonder if there's a tree where she plucks strength from she starts carrying out all these her "missions impossible" tasks without complaining of being tired.

Then my sister will come out and say, "Mummy ngwa ozuola, via zurutu ike!" (Mummy its ok, pls come and rest a little) And the next thing you will hear is, "chere kam mechapu ke anam abia!" (Let me finish this one, I'm coming). And she'll continue and still not rest. The woman is just a superhuman
How she settles arguments and fights between her grandkids (7 of them) is another mystery. It's amazing how she manages to stay in the same house with all of them and not lose her sanity. That's when you will know that she's "Mama Nla" lolz.

During the holidays my sisters and I usually drop our kids with her so that we can have a few days to relax in peace (she's the one who demands for them though). It's either you respect yourself and bring them or she'll run your battery down with calls asking "Ele mgbe I ga-akpotanam umum?" (When will you bring my children for me?)

Even if you don't want to visit her, just send your kids and her joy will know no bounds. Lolz. That's how attached she is to them.

Mama the mama doesn't mind calling all her children every day just to be sure they are doing fine and encourage them. Do you know my mum still visits me at work? Sometimes she even brings food for me.

Some time ago I lost my purse on my way back from work and the next day she landed my workplace to check on me, before leaving she dropped some money in my bag. Ah! This woman sef! My colleagues were wondering if I'm the last born and I laughed and told them, "that's my mum for you!" They couldn't believe that I have 4 younger ones. My mum's love is universal. That's how she treats all of us, single or married.

Let me shock you a little, my mum still buys clothes, footwear and accessories for my siblings and I! Funny right? Once she goes to the market and sees something nice she knows which of us it will fit and she buys it. Whenever you come to the house she'll give you. Sometimes she'll even bring it to your house!

When I say she's an important part of my life you may not understand. She's outdone the term motherhood no doubt.

My prayer is that God will keep her in good health and sound mind to enjoy the fruits of her labour and remain a blessing for generations unborn.

Mama Esther Adanna   Chukwuma, Mummy Extraordinary, I love you now and always!

© Onyinye Udeh


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