Dear Reader,

May I use this opportunity to formally welcome you to my blog. I am indeed grateful that you took time to check this out having been recently notified about it.

Thank you for deciding to start this journey with me, of course, I couldn't possibly have done it on my own.

I assure you that we are definitely going to have a great time together here.

Please feel free to drop your comments because your feedbacks are very important to me.

Now I must also hint you that I won't just be sharing my world with you, not at all. This blog is going to be about us.

Yes, you and I. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's any topic or issue you'd like us to discuss.

If you'd like me to write on anything, in particular, please let me know, that's why we're on this journey together. I'm always glad to hear from y'all.

Once again, Thank you, Dalu, Èsé, Nagode!!!

Cheers to a fun-filled journey!

Onyinye Udeh,

The Tory-Teller


  1. Now see how far you've gone. Well done toriteller

    1. Awww.
      Thank you for dropping by.
      This really means a lot to me.
      I have indeed come a long way.
      Starting with 0 comment and no subscriber 10 months ago and today I see some of my stories being read by over 500 people with many subscribers is a huge one for me.
      I am deeply humbled and challenged to do more!


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