I had waited for about seven to eight minutes at the bus stop when she pulled over in her exotic jeep.

I didn't recognize the car until the driver wound down the glass of the window to reveal her face.

"Good morning ma!" I greeted politely as I saw it was Chief Mrs. Fagbayi.

"Good morning Bisi how are you and your loved ones?" She replied.

"We're very well ma. I hope your family is in good health?" I asked with genuine concern.

"Well, we're breathing and we thank God. Come in let me drop you off."

"Ah! Ma, I don't know if you're going my way oh. I'll just join you to the express." I said not wanting to inconvenience her as I boarded the car.

"Don't worry I'll drop you wherever you're going. You are actually the one person I was praying to meet this morning," Chief said as she pulled the car back into the road.

"Really? Ma, I hope all is well?" I asked surprised at her previous remark.

When I didn't get a response from her, I was slightly agitated because I was very sure she heard my question.

My mind had already started pondering with a thousand thoughts. "I hope there's no health issue with her family?" I thought to myself.

Sincerely I couldn't think of any other problem that could be bothering any member of the Fagbayi family. They were well known for their wealth and affluence. Her children were doing well in their various locations outside the country as I heard.

Although I didn't know the family personally and this was my second encounter with their mother, I was sure from information gathered that they had made enough money to take care of their descendants up to the tenth generation.

"Least I forget, may I have your phone number, Bisi, if you don't mind," Mrs. Fagbayi's words broke into my thoughts.

"Oh, of course, ma. I'll write it and drop it here," I responded pointing to the glove box.

"But ma, you didn't answer my question. I hope everyone at home is fine?" I queried again.

"Hmm, my dear, like I said I would like to discuss something with you." She replied as she drove on without looking in my direction.

"Ma, I am all ears," I said as I focused my attention on her with a mixture of fear, curiosity, and concern on my face.

"No my dear, it's not something we can discuss here, that's why I asked for your number so I can call you and we can fix a date that'll be convenient for us," she explained

Now I became very uncomfortable. Me and Chief Mrs. Fagbayi, wife of the CEO of Fag's Oil and Gas, have a date?

My head immediately started spinning, maybe I didn't hear well. Obviously, it's been a long time I cleaned my ear or took malaria medicine.

"Ma, I will alight at the junction in front," I finally found my tongue.

"Is that where you're going to?" Chief asked.

"Yes, ma. I'm going to see my friend, that's the junction of her street. I'll just walk in."

"Alright," Chief replied as she parked ahead. "Hold on let me give you something for transport back home"

"Ah, ma, don't bother yourself, it's not a distance at all. We usually stroll back to my house together," I declined.

"Bisi, I insist. I know how difficult it is after youth service especially when a job isn't forthcoming. I'm sure everyone now sees you as an adult that should start fending for herself. So take this as a little token to support you as you search for a job," Chief said as she passed a loaded envelope to me.

"God bless you ma. I appreciate," I responded as I took the envelope from her.

"What about the number I asked...."

"I dropped it," I quickly cut her off.

"Alright expect my call soon."

"No problem. Bye ma and thank you once again for the ride," I called out as I waved at her.


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