So after morning devotion, this handsome young man tells me, "Mummy I want to correct what you said."

And I'm dazed and give him the go-ahead. Then he says, "me and my sister are children of God but you and my daddy are not children of God!"

You need to see the shock on my face as I literarily begin to brainstorm, wondering what we (hubby and I) may have done wrong to warrant such statement.

And I come closer and say, "But Sammy why do you think Daddy and I are not children of God?"

He replies, "because you and my Daddy are grown up already, so you're Adults of God!"

Then I burst into laughter now I understood his point of view.

Now, what would you have said in that situation?

Pls, drop your response in the comment section.

Onyinye Udeh