It was lunchtime at work and I walked into a new restaurant close to my office that my colleague had been telling me about for some time. All the tables were occupied so I sighted one with only a male customer and asked if I could join him. He responded in the affirmative and I did.

He finished eating before me and tried to start a conversation which wasn't really out of place. What I heard was quite funny though, "why is your ring bigger than mine?" He said pointing to my wedding ring and showing me his. I laughed so hard I almost choked. After I got myself I replied, "because I'm bigger than you!"

Now it was his turn to laugh. We really didn't have much discussion after that, he just whispered, "I love to see married women who wear their wedding ring and are proud of it!" I just giggled as he headed to the counter to clear his bill and I called out, "have a nice day!"

By the time I was through with my meal and got to the counter I was told that my new married friend already paid for my food.

Oh dear! I couldn't even thank him because he'd long gone. That was a very interesting A.R.K, Act of Random Kindness. (I'm sure those who have seen the movie "Noah's Ark" can relate).

Well, this is me saying a big Thank You to my new friend who didn't even ask my name or get to know me. And yes, people with a good heart are still in existence.

People who show kindness randomly without expecting anything in return. This past week I have experienced kindness from a lot of people, both known and unknown. I got a school bag for my son from a Facebook friend, just by commenting on a post.

Thank You,  Adewunmi Abisiga Sanni for the bag. I have also taken up the challenge of ARK to be kind to someone randomly. What about you? When last did perform an ARK?

© Onyinye Udeh