I had barely sat down when Chief Mrs. Fagbayi stepped into the office. Now I was obviously feeling uneasy.

“Good afternoon ma,” I said after the struggle to find my voice.

‘Good afternoon Bisi, I hope you’re feeling better today.” She replied.

“Not really ma but I’ll be fine soon”

“So Bisi you asked to see me. “ Sir Fags said as his wife took a sit beside him.

To say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement.

“Yes sir” I stammered looking from Sir Fag’s face to his wife and back.

“Okay you have my attention. Please feel free to discuss anything in the presence of my wife after all I got to know you through her and I’m sure you are closer to her than me.” Sir Fags said when he noticed my reluctance.

I took a deep breath and whispered a short prayer in my mind before I responded.

“Sir, it’s nothing serious just that I may not be able to efficiently carry out my responsibilities so I would like to resign from my current position in the company.”

“And why is that if I may ask?”

“I’m sorry sir but I’m having a serious challenge with my health and...” Sir Fags cut me

“Oh dear. What is wrong?  Have you done a test? What did the doctor say is wrong?”

“Sir I need to be on bed rest for some time that’s why I actually want to resign.”

“Really? Are you sure this is the best way to handle it? You can apply for a leave for the period you need to rest,” Sir Fags suggested as he looked at his wife who had been silent all these while.

“Sir, I have considered that but I think I need to leave,” I replied as I put my head down.

There was really no need going back and forth on this issue. Chief Mrs. Fagbayi had won and I have lost.

Let me just exit their company peacefully.

Then she spoke for the first time.

“Is this because of our discussion over the weekend?” Chief said.

Immediately I raised my head not sure of what I heard.

“Ma?” I could not find the right words to reply I wonder why I felt ashamed for a crime I did not commit.

Now I noticed husband and wife were smilingly sheepishly at me. Sincerely, I was lost but I suspected these two were up to something fishy.

Sir Fags spoke into his intercom asking that someone be sent in.

“Bisi,” he said to me as he dropped the receiver, “I am aware of your discussion with my wife and I honestly want to apologize on her behalf for giving you the wrong impression.”

“I’m sorry sir; I don’t understand what you’re saying.” I mumbled with confusion written all over my face.

“Hold on dear, let me talk to her,” Mrs. Fagbayi touched her husband’s hand as she sat forward.

“Bisi, I should be the one apologizing to you. I didn’t really mean any of the things I said to you. The request I made about being my husband’s mistress was actually a fluke. I just wanted to test your loyalty and faithfulness.”

“Ma, are you saying it was a joke or a prank or something,” I asked trying to clear the doubts I had in mind.

“Yes my dear. I’m sorry I may have scared you or given you the wrong impression about myself and my husband.” She said.

Now I don’t know if I felt good or bad, happy or sad. Maybe I should just say I had mixed feelings. How could she put me through such knowing that I trust her so much? Anyway, thank God it was a joke.

“Bisi I hope you are not upset with my wife, she sure has a funny way of doing things. Please forgive her and me too because I wasn’t ignorant the plan.” Sir Fags said.

"So did I pass the test?" I asked them trying to conceal my emotion.

"Absolutely. I know a lot of young girls these days can be very desperate but you have proved your worth and I'm proud to know someone like you," Chief Mrs Fagbayi said.

"And I hope you will have a rethink about resigning," Sir Fags said as he winked at me.

A knock on the door interrupted my response as someone stepped into the office.

"Hello mum and dad, I hope I'm not interrupting," I heard as I turned to see the handsome young man who had the baritone voice.

"Hello pretty lady," he said to me while his parents giggled from the other side of the desk.

"AY, you're just in time," Sir Fags said, "meet Bisi the new staff your mum told you about."

I was yet to find my voice so I just got to my feet and offered him my hand for a shake.

"Bisi, this is Ayomide our last son, he just returned from London where he finished his Masters program."

"Hi Ayomide, it's a pleasure," I finally said.

"Same here Bisi. And you can call me AY though. I hope we'll find time to get to know each other better, away from the preying eyes of these old folks," AY said as he chuckled.

"Who are you calling old? A young gentleman like me or this cute babe sitting beside me?" Sir Fags asked feigning anger.

"Emabinu Sir," AY said and everyone laughed.

"So Bisi," Mrs Fagbayi said, "I hope you will have a change of heart about your job here my dear."

"Yes ma, I'll like to return to my desk now if that will be all," I replied as I stood and smiled for the first time since I stepped into the office.

"Alright then. Tell Jumoke to send her CV to my mail and prepare for an interview by Friday," Mrs Fagbayi added with a wink.

"Oh! Thank you very much ma!" I exclaimed with excitement.

"AY be a gentleman and walk the lady to the door will you?" Sir Fags said.

"Definitely sir," AY said and gestured me towards the door.

I could hear Sir Fags and his wife giggling as we stepped out of the office.

Now I understand better, so they were actually setting me up for their son. I can't really blame them, every parent wants the best for their kids anyway.

After a couple of dates, hangouts and spending time together, AY popped the "will you marry me" question and I said ...

What were you expecting, I'd fallen for him the from the first day we met so these past seven months of courtship had been an exciting one for us especially me.

Now you can address as Mrs Bisi Ayomide-Fagbayi!

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  1. The Arrangement is just as the name implies. Suspense is good coz I don't exactly know what was arranged eventually. Lol. Well done! Waiting for more!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      We'll arrange the final part shortly.

  2. Congrats Mrs Bisi😃, lovely story. It is indeed an arrangement as the name imples. More stories please

  3. The Suspense is over, Thank God. Beautiful piece ma'am

    1. Awww.
      Thank you for staying tuned.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it

  4. Wow. This is amazing. Thanks for the beautiful story

    1. Thank you for staying tuned.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Wow wonderful , what a happy ending

  6. I have never been in doubt about your writing skills. Thanks for giving me opportunity to read your work my darling

    1. Awww.
      Thanks my love for believing in me and staying tuned.
      I appreciate you.

  7. Wow this is an interesting story, well put together, suspense filled. Kudos girl

    1. Nene dear, I appreciate your kind words.
      Thank you for staying tuned.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I absolutely enjoyed this,


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