True to her words, Chief Mrs. Fagbayi called me two days after and we fixed a meeting for this afternoon.

I was to meet her at Tasty Foods Restaurant. She said I should ask of Miss Onyema and tell her my name because she'd already made arrangements for me to be brought straight to the office instead of sitting where other VIPs do.

I've been nervous since last night and could barely sleep. I'd copies of my résumé just in case she wanted to offer me a job in one of their numerous companies, this opportunity may never come my way again.

"This may even be an unplanned interview. Hmm. I'll just put on a suit so that I don't go and disgrace my ancestors," I said to myself.

Even after looking at my reflection in the mirror and assuring myself several times that I looked good, I still had a million butterflies in my stomach and a slight headache.

"Bisi, brace yourself and make this move! This may be that opportunity you have been praying for," I encouraged myself.

It wasn't difficult locating the place and finally meeting Chief who was already waiting for me in her office.

"Good afternoon ma," I said as I genuflected on seeing her.

"Good afternoon Bisi," Chief responded as she rose from her seat behind the big office desk and walked towards me, "I hope you didn't have any challenge getting here?"

"Not at all ma. I must confess you have a lovely place here," I replied as I looked around the beautifully designed office space.

"Thanks, dear. We're just trying everything we can to keep body and soul together. Please sit down"

Before I could properly position myself on one of the available cushions in her office, she sat beside me. I guess she saw how nervous I looked and wanted to make me feel more comfortable.

"Thank you ma," I said as I smiled at her.

"Please, what would you like to have? Food, drink, whatever you want is available downstairs."

"No ma, I've already eaten. Thank you for...." and she cut me.

"Bisi I have told you to feel at home around me. Please, I insist that you take something. At least a light refreshment won't hurt you or are you watching your weight?" Chief asked jokingly.

"Ah! No, ma. I'm even looking for how to add weight after the stress of NYSC."

"My dear you have a very good body and shape that can attract any man. I'm sure you know that. Let me order some snacks and fresh juice for you," she said as she winked at me.

"Okay, ma. I hope we can talk while I wait for it. I'm a little not anxious to know why you sent for me."

Chief released a chuckle and said, " I understand, anyway how has it been with your search for a job? Any luck?"

"Not yet ma. I'm still expecting to hear from the companies where I applied and submitted my CV."

"It's alright. By the way, what did you study at the university?"

"I studied Business Administration and I served as a ....."

"Don't worry about where you served. I have a job opening for you already."

"Oh really? Ah! Thank you ma! Please what position is that ma?" I curiously asked without holding back the excitement on my face.

"I'll fix you in one of my husband's company as an admin staff to work as his secretary. I hope you don't mind starting off with 250k until you can prove your worth?"

"Jesus! Ma is this for real? Yes, ma. I mean, No ma. I mean I don't mind ma. Thank you ma. I know I can handle it ma. I won't let you down ma." I was already jumping from my seat and kneeling down to thank her as a typical Yoruba girl.

"It's alright. You can sit down. Stop thanking me. You just have to promise me that you will deliver and do all I expect of you." Chief said as she patted my shoulders.


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© Onyinye Udeh.


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