Undoubtedly my trip to Chief Mrs. Fagbayi's office that day was a fruitful one that I will always remain grateful for. I resumed at Fag's and Sons Nigerian Limited the following week and honestly, I can't just express how I feel now that I finally have a job that  I enjoy.

I received my first salary yesterday. Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira! It was like a dream. Me? A fresh graduate? Is this how God works? Just like that?

When I told my parents that I had been paid on the 25th of the month, it sounded unbelievable to them until I showed them the credit alert on my phone.

My mum is insisting that she and my dad will go with me to thank Chief Mrs. Fagbayi and her husband for this opportunity. But Chief has warned me to stop embarrassing her with all the multiple thanks.
How do I convince my parents to just pray for them instead of the courtesy visit?

I remember the first day I had an encounter with Chief, it was just a regular day and I was returning home from one of my usual job hunting exercises when a jeep drove past me not before I noticed it had a deflated tire.

I tried to get the driver's attention but couldn't so I boarded a bike and raced after the car before I was able to alert the driver. Who would have ever believed that that little gesture of mine would become a means to this favour I received from her eventually?

Now there's one issue bothering me. Jumoke my bestie is yet to get a job and she has been on my case since I started this job. I don’t know how I can help her. Somehow this is gradually affecting our friendship of over 14 years because it seems I’m always busy whenever she is available.

I’m seriously considering telling my boss about her. Sir Fags, as he prefers to be called is a very easy going man. He’s more like a people’s person and loved by all his employees because he takes us like family.
The first day I met him, I was surprised that he was really the Chief Ernest Adebola Fagbayi I had been hearing about. At 59 looks so young, handsome, jovial, and down to earth. He loves to travel a lot and I think he likes pretty women too.

I should know better because I have been his secretary for about a month now. To an extent, I am not sure his wife is ignorant of all this though. I think she intentionally acts like she doesn’t know.

That’s not really my business anyway, I’ll just do my job and get paid. There’s no reason why I should involve myself in another person’s family issue.
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