It’s a public holiday, the Muslims are celebrating one of their festivals, I don’t even know which but I’m just glad for the holiday. Mrs Fagbayi invited me to one of her boutiques on the island and who am I to say no to my guardian angel?

I had to literarily run away from the house to stop my dramatic mum from following me because she still wants to go and thank her personally.

I would have loved to take Jumoke with me though, but you know these rich people can be very funny. Chief may not like the idea but I’ve decided to ask her for a favour. I hope she won’t mind helping Jummy with a job no matter how small the pay is at least she will have the opportunity of a job experience.

Only the exterior view of the shopping complex, I already knew that it’s not for people of my humble background. Mehn! The Fagbayi’s are made for life, I don’t need any other confirmation. I have seen with my eyes. I will just feed my eyes anyway because I haven't gotten to the level of shopping in this kind of place. One day we shall get there though.

No wonder they can afford to pay an ordinary graduate like me 250k when I barely do anything. I’m not even the main secretary of Chief Fags. Let me call my madam first and tell her that I’ve arrived.

“Hello, Good afternoon ma,” I said into the phone as soon as she picked.

“Yes Bisi, where are you now?” Mrs Fagbayi asked.

“Ma I’ve gotten to the complex. I’m in front of Fabby’s boutique”

“Alright just come in, the manager will bring you to my office.”

“Okay, ma,” I said before ending the call.

Immediately I stepped into her office, “Bisi you’re welcome please sit down,” Chief acknowledged my presence as she gestured towards a sofa.

“Thank you ma, how has your day been,” I asked in my usual concerned voice.

“So far so good. How are your parents and siblings?” Chief asked as she tapped into her IPad.

“They are very well ma and they send their greetings.” Then I stood in front of her desk, “And they asked me to bring you this little token of appreciation,” I said as I presented two bottles of red wine from the bag I was carrying.

“Ah! Bisi, you didn’t have to do this, but anyway tell them I accept and I appreciate it. You can drop them there,” she said pointing towards the wine stand.

“So what would you like to drink?” she asked as I returned to my seat.

“Ma, any soft drink or juice would do,” I replied.

It wasn’t up to five minutes after she placed the order and my refreshment arrived.

Chief told the shop manager that she didn’t want to be disturbed after which she came and beside me as I sipped my drink.

***          ***          ***          ***          ***          ***          ***          ***          ***       

“Ma, there’s something I’d like to tell you,” I said shyly not wanting to be too forward.

“Oh dear, please feel free,” Chief Fagbayi sounded so free and caring as she looked at me with her 55 year-old eyes.

“Please ma don’t be offended, I actually want to ask a favour from you,” I said

“Go on, I’m all ears.”

“It’s about my best friend Jumoke she…”

“The one you usually visit?” she cut in.

“Yes, ma.”

“Okay, what about her? I hope there is no problem?” Chief queried.

“No ma. It’s just that she’s yet to get a job and I just feel for her.”

“Oh, I see what you’re driving at. What’s her discipline?”

“Mass Communication ma and she has some experience with the media during her industrial attachment,” I said trying as much as possible to defend my best friend.

“Hmm. Okay, I’ll see what I can do about that,”

“Okay, ma. I’ll really appreciate any way you can help her.

“It’s alright. On another note, how has your working experience been so far?” Chief asked with a smile on her face.

***          ***           ***          ***          ***          ***          ***           ***          ***            ***       

I don’t even recall leaving Chief’s office or how I got home with such a burden on my mind. Sincerely, I have never felt the way I am feeling in my entire life.

I am in a serious fix especially knowing that the request came from someone I trust so much. Who do I tell this? Should I tell my mum? Can I trust Jummy to discuss this with her?

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© Onyinye Udeh


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