I don’t even recall leaving Chief’s office or how I got home with such a burden on my mind. Sincerely I have never felt the way I am feeling in my entire life.

I am in a serious fix especially knowing that the request came from someone I trust so much. Who do I tell this? Should I tell my mum? Can I trust Jummy to discuss this with her?

I can’t even think of myself becoming Chief Ernest Fagbayi’s side chick! No ear should hear this!

Haba! How does his wife expect me to do such a thing? Yes, I am not in any serious relationship at the moment but then…..

Sir Fags is old enough to be my father. How can I date my father’s mate? This is as good as prostitution na. Chief will be so disappointed in me. How can I say no to this woman that has been like a guardian angel to me?

But she said she doesn’t mind me dating her husband as long as I am faithful to him, she’s ready to share him with me. At least it’s not an unknown chick that cannot be trusted.

This is not good at all. I’ll most likely lose my job if I reject her offer.

“Bisi!” My mum’s knock on the door startled me as she opened it and peeped into my room.

“Good evening mum,” I greeted her trying as much as possible to sound cheerful.

I think my mum is supposed to be a member of FBI or CID because I don’t just know how she read my mind and was able to make me vomit all my conversation with Chief Mrs Fagbayi.

“She said I’ll need to do a regular HIV and STD test to ensure that I am clean so I don’t transfer any infection to her husband and she’s ready to pay me any amount I mention.”

“Blood of Jesus!” my mum shouted after I narrated everything. “So what do you intend doing because I already have a solution but you are of age and I don’t want to force my opinion on you,” she finished as she was shaking her body furiously.

“Mummy sincerely I cannot do this but I’m worried that this will be the end of my relationship with the Fagbayis and …….” She didn’t let me finish.

“And what?! Are they God or do they hold your destiny?” at this point my mum was on her feet. “Olabisi Oluwabukola Onabanjo! Listen carefully to me. This is not a good offer at all. I cannot allow you to do it. Even if you were considering it in your mind, I would have choked it out of you. It is against the law of Christianity, marriage and even our tradition does not accept such. I have never heard such with my ears before. God forbid that my daughter will be involved in such promiscuity! You will go to the office on Monday with your resignation letter!”

“Ah! Mummy just like that? Please let me talk to Chief first. I don’t want to forfeit the job just like that." I pleaded with my mum hoping she'll see reasons with me.

"I have said my own!" she said as she turned towards the door and added, "I hope this doesn't have to get to your father's ears."

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