As usual, Jumoke was at my place on Saturday afternoon hoping that we could catch up and update each other with details of what has been going on in our individual lives.

"Bisi let me just tell you, any job offer I get right now I'll grab it with both hands because my folks are becoming very tired of me especially when it comes to helping me financially. Even me I'm tired of joblessness," Jummy said with a sad expression on her face.

"Haba. Jummy don't talk like this now. Very soon something good will come up. Just hold on. At least Kolade is supporting you now that he has been promoted to a managerial position," I replied trying to encourage her.

"Abeg forget that one. Have you heard me mention his name recently?"

"Hmm! What's happening with you two. I hope... hmm. Don't tell me you have started again oh. Me that is looking up to you guys as the perfect couple..."

"Perfect ko, perfect ni! My world does not revolve around Kolade abeg. Since he has decided to treat me like a parasite, make I dey my own lane," Jummy said spitefully.

"Can you imagine? Some of us are praying to have what you have and you are..."

"Bisi please let's swap abeg, give me your life and take my miserable life," she said without mincing words.

"Jummy you have no idea what you're wishing for. If I tell you what is on my head, you will swallow your words immediately."

Now I felt like taking back that statement because sincerely I didn't want to tell Jummy about Chief Mrs Fagbayi's request. I know she'll definitely support my mum's idea of me resigning. Well, it's not like I wanted to grant her request but I just wanted to keep my job and.....

"Bisi!" Jumoke shouted as she clapped before my eyes like she wanted to bring me back to consciousness.

"Yes. Jummy why are you shouting my name like that?" I responded in pretense not wanting her to know I was lost in thoughts.

"I can sense it already. Don't bother pretending. Oya out with it already. Who is the new catch?"
Jumoke asked matter-of-factly.

"Hmm. New catch kwa? Abeg I don't have any new catch. I'm not ready for any relationship wahala right now."

"You are a big joker. I know you too well to know when you're trying to hide something from me. Oya very fast. I'm all ears," Jummy said snapping her fingers.


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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Yes yes yes! The suspense is plenty.
    Beautiful story so far.

  2. Please where is Part 6 oh! Haba! Fagbayi.... So people cannot be nice without strings attached? Smh

  3. Thumbs up Tory teller. You have got us.

    Oya bring it on


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