Monday morning came very quickly, though I had a disturbing weekend. My mum inquired about my resignation letter before I left for the office and I explained to her just as Jumoke had suggested that I would only quit if Chief Mrs Fagbayi insisted that I must dance to her tune or forfeit the job.

I had made up my mind to start sending out my C.V again and be on the lookout for a new job knowing that my current job status was temporary.

I didn't hear from Chief until about a month after my visit to her boutique. Of course, I had collected another month's salary and I was even considering starting up a small business since I had done some entrepreneur training online.

Her text message that Thursday evening automatically dried up the little excitement I was gathering as I prepared for another weekend.

''Bisi I hope all is well with you and your family. I would like to have a word with you. Fountain Heights Cuisine, Ikeja. Saturday 3pm''

My countenance changed as I read the message. Well, I wasn't surprised anyway. For the two nights following I couldn't sleep, I lost appetite and I'm sure I lost some pounds of flesh too.

The much-dreaded Saturday came and I dressed up and headed to the address she sent not before my mum prayed and anointed almost every visible part of my body. Mothers can be very dramatic but mine is the Queen of drama.

Immediately I got to the premises I called her and she gave me direction to where she parked her car. As soon as I saw her car, she signalled to me that I join her in front.

''Good afternoon ma,'' I said trying to fake excitement.

''Good afternoon Bisi. How are you and everyone at home?'' she replied taking off her sunshades.

''They are very well and I hope your family is very well too ma,''

''Well so far so good. We are not complaining.''

Then there was that awkward silence as I looked forward into the thin air with no particular focus, waiting for her to pop the big question.

I had already rehearsed my line a million and one times in my head yet my morale was failing me seriously.

The butterflies in my stomach had even begun to throw very painful punches and I was beginning to feel pressed though I knew my bladder and bowel were empty.

''Dear Lord please take this cup away from me. But let your will be done,'' I silently whispered the prayer of Jesus before his arrest and crucifixion in my heart.

''Bisi, it has been over a month since our last discussion,'' then she paused.

''You are right ma,'' I replied as I gathered morale and faced her hoping to get done with this conversation as soon as possible.

''I want to believe you have had enough time to think about my request. May I know your thoughts? Can you do this favour for me?'' Chief asked as she stared pleadingly into my eyes.

''Ma I have seriously thought about it I have even taken time to pray about it but ....'' she didn't let me finish.


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  1. No, she shouldn't of, the wife may be testing her.
    Please post episodes 7 and final

  2. Inside life... These things happen, you know.

  3. Hmm, this story is really becoming very interesting o.Next plsssssss

  4. Tory teller, I hail ooo ...Queen of suspense, next pleasseeee

  5. It's well God have mercy on her


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