''Bisi I hope your response will be favourable to me because we have come a long way. Mind you, least I forget I have a job opening for your friend Jumoke just as you requested. I'm sure you know by now that our relationship has gradually become a mutual one,'' Chief Mrs Fagbayi finished as she still stared directly at me.

''Ma, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for all you have done for me. Sincerely I know that you are God-sent. You have been more than just a friend and guardian angel to me and you have proved it again by granting a request I made to you on behalf of my friend,'' I paused briefly as I braced myself to tell her my mind, '' Ma, it has been a great pleasure and privilege knowing you and honestly I wish there was a way I could repay you for all your kindness towards me but the truth is that you are way above the reach of people like me so I may never be able to repay you. Having said that, I will also add that I have thoroughly thought about your request of being a side chick to your husband and I have decided that I wont be able to grant that request. Please, ma I am very sorry. I wish I could do it to make you happy with me but I cannot have an affair with another person's husband.'' I said as I breathed heavily and bowed my head.

''Bisi are you sure that you cannot do me this favour? Maybe you are scared of what people would say or something. I am his wife and I am giving you my blessing. I believe that's all that matters.''
''Ma, what matters most to me is God's approval. Will God be pleased with such action from me? My religion and faith forbids it ma. I'm sorry I cannot go against God's law, please if there is any other request I can grant you but not this,'' I said nicely.

''Hmm, are you sure of this decision? Even if your job depends on it?'' Chief said as anger began to build in her tone.

''Yes ma. I don't mind losing my job. I have even drafted a resignation letter. I don't mind being unemployed as long as I do not go against my conscience and faith,'' I said firmly but with much pain in my heart.

''Okay very well. You can go,'' Mrs Fagbayi said as she put the car key into the ignition.

''Ma would that be all?'' I queried with worry written boldly on my face.

''Is there something else you would like to tell me?''

''Not at all ma. Just that I was expecting you to tell me not to report at your husband's office anymore,'' I said in confusion.

''Well that will be taken care of. You take care of yourself Bisi,'' she said as she started the engine which was a signal for me to exit the car.

I stepped out of the car in tears as I headed home with a heavy heart though proud of myself for the decision I made. I just wonder why I feel sad after doing the right thing.

Do you really think Bisi did the right thing?
Please feel free to share your thoughts before we proceed to the final part.

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  1. She did the right thing. I support you Bisi.

  2. Who does that, getting a side chick for your own husband. Something ispecial fishy for sure.

  3. She did the right thing. I was practically holding my breath as I raced through. Wao! What kind of ungodly request? God deliver us from temptation o.

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    Something is smelling

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