My hubby and I share a very mutual relationship, of course, that's expected of us having been friends for over 15 years and being married for 10 years.

I try to love him as much as he loves me at every given time though sometimes it seems he wants to overdo the love and vice versa.

The bottom line is our relationship is a give and take kinda one. We've been through a lot all these years and I've come to realize that nothing can put us asunder. Not even sleep. Yeah, you heard me right. Sleep!

After years of marriage, you suddenly notice the man of your dreams, one you enjoy sleeping next to every night, had started snoring!

Okay, let me explain. There are different types but the one I'm talking about right now is the tiger-generator mixed with Suzuki-bike kind of snore. This type chases away your sleep and drives away your peace of mind. It somehow even affects your medulla oblongata!

That's the type of snore I'm talking about. At first, I thought he was exhausted, but when it happened the second day, I couldn't take it anymore. After putting on my thinking cap, I made up my mind on what to do.

I cannor die at such a tender age. I'm just 18 years and you wantu kee me untimely. Izit because I married early? No way!

That night I waited for the sound of the snore, immediately it started I released one atomic fart!

Have you ever witnessed the one they call silent bomb? It doesn't sound but the smell is a death sentence. I'm sure you know it.

My Oga jumped from sleep because in his subconsciousness he noticed he wasn't breathing anymore. Who wants to die? Nobody. I just carefully adjusted my (fake) sleeping self. Wetin concern me? Fart cannor kee his owner!

Uncle tapped me, "babe are you okay?" He didn't want to lose his beloved wife not knowing what I know. "Sweet, what happened?" I asked, faking sleepy eyes.

Honestly, laugh wanted to kee me in my pretence. After a while, we slept back and I waited for that snore again.

The second bomb was deadlier than the first, my beloved husband couldn't take it, he was coughing, sneezing and choking at the same time.

My dear friends my testimony is that from that day till today no snoring has occurred in our home again. We now live and sleep peacefully.

Let me encourage you, no matter what is going wrong in your marriage, please don't give up. Fight for your man/woman with every available weapon!

The Lord is your strength. He will give you victory if you trust him.
Feel free to share your challenges with me. I'm always here for you!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. I really have a lot to share but at the appointed time,I will be bold to share with you ma'am

    1. It's alright Darling.
      I'm always here whenever you're ready. Please feel free even if it's private just let me know.

  2. Snore versus fart. Who is the winner? ��������

  3. My own question is, how do you generate such fart? Did you beg it to come? Did you eat towards achieving the fart? What exactly did you do to get it?

    I'm asking for my future ni o... LMAO

    1. Lolz. I prepared for it na. It was a competition so I came prepared!

  4. Lol, I can't stop laughing... How does a fart cure snoring..

    1. Hahaha.
      Maybe you didn't know before but now you know!

  5. Lol, I manufacture fresh fart too. Cures all forms of dysfunctional behavior.
    ToryTeller will not kie with laugh o

    1. Lolz. I. Believe you sis. That fart is very necessary. Let somebody not come and die at a tender age. Hahahaha.

  6. Lol! This is a funny way of dealing with marital squabbles. Wishing you a happy married life.


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