I chatted the number and found out it was Buchi, my former colleague when I was a marketer with Oxbridge Limited.

Wow, it was about four years ago, long before I had my third baby. How time flies. He asked if he could call me and I said yes. I had barely typed and sent the message when his call came through.

"Hello," I said as I picked my phone after the second ring.

"Hello, Pretty Koko!" Buchi said from his own end.

I blushed because it had been a very long time anyone said such nice words to me.

"Hey Buchi, how are you, work and everything?" I asked in my usual calm nature.

"Work is fine. So how have you been pretty Koko? How's your family and work?"

"I'm alright. Everyone is fine. Well, I'm out of job at the moment but I'm good."

"Oh really? I didn't know. Thought you're still with Olive Springs."

"Yeah I was but I recently quit my job. Anyway, that's a story for another day. So what's up with you. I didn't know you still had my number after all these years."

"Yes it's saved on my sim and has followed me through all the phones I've used," he said with so much confidence in his voice.

"Really? And you never contacted me all these years? Na wa for you oh,"

"Pretty Koko please don't sound like that na. I've just been trying to be careful not to bother a married woman. I didn't want you to see me as a pest."

"Haba, I'm not that mean na. You could have just tried," I said nicely while enjoying the conversation.

"Okay, I'm sorry. How can I make up for the lost time?"

"Well, what do you have in mind?"

"Can we do lunch tomorrow to catch up? That's if your hubby won't mind."

Now I had to laugh really hard because I knew my hubby had no say in this besides he doesn't seek my permission before going for lunch with all those girls in his office.

"Lunch will be fine. Text me the address and I'll be there. But it'll have to be between noon and 2pm because my kids close school by 4pm so I have to go pick them."

"Great. That's fine by me. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow then."

"Alright, bye Buchi," I said with a smile in my voice.

"Bye Pretty Koko,"

And the call ended.

© Onyinye Udeh