I am a businesswoman so money is very important to me as it is to every financially conscious individual.

Having trusted the whole hype about the cashless economy and utilizing online banking, you can imagine how frustrating it can be when this suddenly becomes a problem instead of being solution as expected.

I did a transaction with a former colleague last week and she made a payment since the 2nd of October through an ATM transfer from one of our wonderful banks.

How do you expect me to feel knowing that I am yet to be credited with the money even after the sender has been debited by her bank?

Annoyed, frustrated, I don't even know how else to describe my emotions right now.

The sender has gone to the bank to complain, spoken with their so-called manager and even been made to fill a form for reversal of the money.

And all they can say is that it will take five working days from the day she filled the form to reverse the money.

Please what kind of bank does this to her customers?

What if the money was for urgent medical attention?

What would be the fate of the patient?

Right now I am so pissed off and I feel like slapping someone for inefficiency.

Abeg advise me because I want to call out this bank and I need social media to help me beg them to do their job!

©Onyinye Udeh