What would you do if you notice ten missed call from your mum and dad each?

What would be your next line of action? Who would you call first? Mum or Dad?

If you haven't missed calls from your folks, then congrats.

As for me, I'll definitely call my siblings first if I was in that situation. Funny right?

You don't know my mum. Her panic button is almost always on so to be on the safe side you have to call someone to get an update on the situation at hand before calling her back.

I will even have to call my Dad first because she probably was the one using my Dad's phone to call me since I didn't pick her call. That's how dramatic she can be.

Some times I wonder what she even has in mind that will make her feel that if I don't pick her call I will pick my Dad's.

Years ago, before the mobile phone era, my elder sister had just gotten a job after her youth service.

One evening she didn't return home the usual time and it was getting really late.
Now my mum was very worried and there was tension in the house because there was no way to reach her. Funny enough my little sisters didn't notice the change in the atmosphere as they were busy playing monopoly in the sitting room!

Who does that in such situation? Then my Darling mum landed in their midst and ministered unto their soul;

"So you haven't noticed that your sister is not yet back from work by this time? And you are busy buying houses and building hotel right? If I lay my hand on you, you will go and start praying for your sister's safety! Nonsense!"

Nobody can have peace of mind until every one of us is safe and she knows our whereabouts.

Or was it the night my sister prepared delicious noodles to eat by past 10pm and one of us wasn't home from work.

Mum said, " So your conscience allowed you to eat even when your sister is stranded away from home?" Baby sis immediately lost her appetite!

If Mum can't reach you, she will call your friends, their siblings, their parents and even their next of kin.

She won't even mind calling the Director-General of NYSC just to ensure that any of her children serving in Nigeria is safe. Lolz.

Mama of life!
But I love this woman crazy just that I need her to stop panicking.

Shout out to all caring mothers. God bless and keep you for us!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Heheheee... My mothers are less dramatic though, but very funny with typical Africans mums traits��

    1. Mothers will always be mothers.
      I'm sure you possess these traits too.


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