I'm worried. I'm sad. I'm in pain. I'm hurting. I can't even put into writing how I feel right now because words have failed me for the first time.

I can't express how I feel and my pen has suddenly lost its ink and flair to write.

All through this week, the most reoccurring news was on pedophiles.

"Man rapes daughter of 11 years!"
"Teenagers rescued from sex slavery!"
"47 years old man sexually assaulting teenager!"

One of the men even confessed that its only minors that give him satisfaction!


How did we get here? To the point where our children, the beloved leaders of tomorrow, our hope and future are untimely uprooted from their growth process by the very ones who are supposed to groom them into full potential!

Research has shown that 2 out of every 3 girl child is abused before the age of 12 and 17.

More painful is the fact that pedophiles no longer wait for our girls to get to their teenage age.

Now there are crazy cases of toddlers being abused by family members and close friends.

The damage is not only sexual or physical, but it's also psychological, emotional, mental and can affect the victim for as long as they live.

I wish I could spit in the faces of these pedophiles because they are less than animals and beasts for such callous acts.

We must protect our children. Male or female. This is a call to action.

Let everyone be on the lookout for every child in your house, compound, street, neighborhood, church or mosque.

Every child around you is your responsibility.

This is not the time to mind your business.

That child is your business, please mind him/her.

Please if you see something, say something, please also do something!

© Onyinye Udeh.


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