Thank God I was wearing a trouser so it was a big struggle for him to undress me with one hand since he used the other hand to cover my mouth.

All the blows and punch I threw at him were useless because he was obviously stronger than me and was determined to have his way.

"Oh God, you can't let me lose my virginity like this after all these years. Please forgive me all my wrongs and help me out of this situation," I prayed desperately in my heart as I pushed, slapped, blew, bit, kicked and fought for my dignity.

The little chance I had, I wriggled free from under him and stood but he was up immediately and made to grab me. I had to think fast because everything was happening faster than my imagination.

"Simon please don't do it like this na. Can't you be romantic about it?"  I asked with a wink.

 Then I started unbuttoning my shirt as we were both panting like athletes who just finished a race.

"Okay, I'm sorry I.J. Let's do it how you want," he said as he quickly removed his trousers and boxers together, his shirt was long gone from his body.

Jesus is Lord! What I saw was bigger than my head and I almost started feeling dizzy. I had never seen a full-grown man naked so you can't blame me.

I removed my shirt and was left with my bra, vest, and my beloved Jean trousers.

With the flash of my eyes I saw the bottle of soft drink I had earlier taken lying on the floor and I gave a seductive smile and wink at him.

"Simon dear, you know I've not done this before, do you promise to be gentle with me?" I asked as I put up the cute kitten face we watch in Disney cartoons and blinked several times like I wanted to cry.

"Baby, I promise to be gentle with you. Don't worry you'll enjoy it. Just trust me," he replied calmly coming towards me though I could see Satan in him with big horns and carnivorous teeth.

"Okay, but before we start, can I just touch your...." I said pointing to the weapon between his legs, that was fully erect and ready to devour.

"It's yours baby. Touch it anyhow you want," now he relaxed and let down his guard as I romantically pushed him on the bed like a love-struck idiot.

Immediately, with speed of light, I  grabbed the soft drink bottle near the bed and used all the strength I could muster and gave his penis the greatest blow job it will ever experience in this life and the life to come.

Quickly I dashed for the door as he screamed in pain.

Thank God the key was still there and I unlocked it and flew like a bird running from a desperate shooting hunter.

I didn't stop, I didn't wait, I didn't look back. I just kept running until I was sure my legs couldn't carry me.

It was almost dark so no one noticed I was half-naked. I finally was able to get a bike to my friend's hostel and was glad she was around to help me pay the bike man.

A few days later, an anonymous person brought back my phone and purse which I had left in the bastard's room.

He tried to call me several times, sending messages of apology and blaming the devil as usual, but I blocked him and ensured that he will never be able to contact me for the rest of his life.

I couldn't tell anyone my experience because I thought it was my fault.

I trusted him too easily. I made myself available.

Time has helped me heal and I'm in a better place after almost 12years.

Now I got a Facebook friend request from the monster of my past. Should I accept?

Something else bothers me, he's getting married to a former colleague of mine, Chioma.

What a world we live in. A small world indeed. Chioma has always been a good person all the period we worked together.

What do you think I should do?
Please I'd like to know your opinion. Kindly drop a comment.

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© Onyinye Udeh.


  1. Wow, intriguing and pathetic.
    You should first enquire about his present state,if he has changed, then stay mute. If not, with wisdom explain in detail your experience with home to your friend and let her decide if to continue with him or not.

  2. Hmmm... Thank God for the wisdom you applied.

  3. Hmmm... Thank God for the wisdom you applied.


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