We boarded the same bus on my way home from school after my second-semester examination and he was my seatmate.

We got friendly and discussed several issues during the long trip to Lagos and to an extent, I'll say we bonded quite well for persons meeting for the first time.

By the time we arrived at the park in Lagos, we were already talking like old friends and then we exchanged numbers only to realize that we stayed in the same area.

So we boarded the same taxi as we headed to our individual homes. We later parted ways and agreed to stay in touch.

During the holiday period, Simon and I communicated through calls, chat, and messages as we got to know each other better.

Our friendship gradually grew and I even invited him to my place for Christmas. He met my parents and siblings and I also got to know his family too.

By the time school resumed in January, we had become very good friends more like siblings because we were both in different relationships and since we knew each other's family we were more of family friends.

Simon and I maintained a lovely relationship as we grew fond of each other for about three years and it was time for him to graduate from school since he was a year ahead of me.

I was happy for him but I knew I'd miss him because he'd become like the big brother I never had.

After his final exams and clearance, his last day in school finally came and he invited me to his room off-campus to come and help him pack his things because he was to travel back to Lagos the following day, and I accepted besides we had visited each other on several occasions all these years.

I arrived and felt as comfortable as I'd always been, helped myself with the refreshment he offered and I quickly started folding his clothes that were scattered on the bed.

Before I could blink an eye, Simon locked the door and started coming towards me with a mischievous look on his face.

"Haba, why did you lock the door na?" I asked sensing that all wasn't well.

"I.J, I want you so bad, I can't hold it anymore," Simon said as he pounced on me, pushing me down on the bed!

"Jesus, Simon what are doing, please stop this!" I shouted from under him.

It seemed I was actually talking to myself.

In a few seconds, it dawned on me that this young man wasn't ready for conversation because he was already pulling down my cloth trying to force himself on me!

Ah! I knew that I couldn't let this happen.

I tried screaming and he covered my mouth, I bit his hand and he slapped my face.

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  1. As far as am concerned, I have no business with the Simon guy again. I v moved on.
    For the chioma, I wish her well. What I owe her is prayers , I won't interfer because Simon may have changed and my telling chioma of my incident with him, Will just cause more harm than good


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