I have had the opportunity of working in various sectors of the industry but one of the most rewarding was the period I worked in the educational sector.

I was a kindergarten instructor and though it is believed that teachers are the least paid, I must confess that I wouldn't trade my time with the kids for anything in the world.

One remarkable experience took place when my school had her career day. Prior to this the kids were sensitized and given proper orientation of what this program was about.

A particular girl in my class insisted that she wanted to be a teacher despite her mum's rejection of the proposed profession. According to her mum, teachers are not well paid.

On the day of the event, her mum dressed her as a nurse and she cried all through that day. I made several attempts to cheer her up but she refused, saying she didn't want to be a nurse.

After school, her mum and I had a talk with her and what she said remains fresh in my heart.

She said she doesn't just want to be a teacher but she wants to be like Mrs. Udeh!

In her words, "Mrs. Udeh teaches us what we don't know, she plays with us and she buys us snacks, that's why I want to be like her."

I must confess, I was humbled when she finished and her mum was forced to apologize to her.

Why am I sharing this? I am in no way perfect but I was happy to be remembered for something good.

We sow seeds with our actions and we may not know but someone is watching us.

©  Onyinye Udeh


  1. N/P Teacher teacher, no be lecturer be your name ��

    Lol. Happy Teacher's Day!

    1. Lolz.
      Once a teacher, always a teacher!
      Thank you dear Bj.


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