I had already made up my mind not to go to that office again because I was convinced that I'd lost my job so on Monday morning I stayed back in bed although I barely slept throughout the night.

Around 11am I got a call from an administrative staff enquiring why I wasn't at work and informing me that Sir Fags would like to see me.

I lied that I was down in health and apologized for not calling earlier to notify them. I assured her that I'll be in the office the following day.

I already knew why he wanted to see me so there was no need beating around the bush when I know his wife had told him to sack me, I think I'll just make it easier for them.

First thing tomorrow morning I'll just mail my resignation letter to him, his wife and the Head of H.R telling them I can no longer carry out my responsibility due to my health state.

Surprisingly, when I informed my mum about my decision she frowned at it.

"Bisi, I don't think I agree with you," she said as she folded her hands and shook her head frantically.

"Hmm. Mum are you encouraging me to go back to that office and get myself embarrassed? I can't do that oh," I mumbled back at her.

"My dear, you are not getting my point. I think you should go there and submit the letter in person," Mum responded to my amazement.

"Mummy what if they embarrass me or reject it? What will I do?"

"You don't need to sound that way after all you didn't do anything wrong to the company. They should be the ones ashamed of themselves for pushing out a hardworking staff like you who objected their immoral request. Come to think of it, are you sure your Oga is aware of your discussion with his wife?"

Now this got me thinking really hard.

"Well, I don't know but these people are not my level so I don't even want to try finding out. Let me just take a walk in peace," I said hopelessly.

"I think you should show some respect to your boss and submit the letter by yourself," Mum finished as she got up and left my room.

On a second thought I agree with her for the first time in a long time.
***           ***           ***           ***            ***            ***             ***              ****           ***

 On Tuesday morning, I arrived the office earlier than usual hoping to get done with my resignation as quickly as possible.

I knew when Sir Fags arrived but I wanted to give him some time to settle down while I take a few minutes to clear my head and gather my thoughts together before doing the needful.

I informed his senior Personal Assistant that I'd like to see him when he's free and she gave me an appointment for 12.15pm after speaking with him. I wasn't happy with the time because this meant I had to stay longer than I expected.

My mum and Jumoke had also called to enquire if I had gone through with the resignation and I told them the situation at hand.

I tried as much as possible to be calm for the few hours preceding my meeting with my boss though time seemed to be crawling.

Finally I got a call from Mrs Katherine, his P.A, saying Sir Fags was ready to see me.

"Good afternoon Sir," I said immediately I stepped into the office.

"Hello Bisi, how are you feeling today?" He asked in his usual cheerful way.

"I'm a bit better than though I still feel unwell," I replied trying to fake sickness the best I could.

"Oh dear. Sorry about that. Please have a seat. I hope you're taking medication for it," he offered.

I hard barely sat down when his wife, Chief Mrs Fagbayi stepped into the office. Now I can't really explain how I was feeling.

"Good afternoon Ma," I said after the struggle to find my voice.

"Good afternoon Bisi. I hope you're feeling better today?" Mrs Fagbayi asked as she looked straight into my eyes.

"Not really Ma but I'll be fine soon,"

"So Bisi you asked to see me," Sir Fags said as his wife took a seat beside him.

To say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement.

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