I don't know who else has had a similar experience. There's this particular trouser of mine, I have noticed that whenever I wear it, it always rains.

This has happened to me more than twice. I love this trouser so much because it's very comfortable, gives me good fitting and the color is unique.

But the challenge is that nobody gets to admire my lovely trousers because every time it's on display on my body people are running helter-skelter from the rain.

I'm not even left out in the race for shed too because I may not even have left the house with an umbrella.

At first, I thought it was coincidence until it happened the third time. I have concluded that the trouser is "rain-trouser".

So yesterday was very sunny and I decided that I'll wear my rain-trouser today.

I brought it out and ironed it. Only to be woken up by rain this morning.

Now I have changed the trouser and I'm wearing something else but the rain has refused to go away.

What should I do?

I'm sure you're smiling at my funny story.

Have a blessed weekend from
The Tory Teller😉

© Onyinye Udeh


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