I wake up by 4.30a.m on daily basis and somehow I remain busy all day long.

I prepare and pack breakfast and lunch for hubby and the kids every morning before he heads out to work.

Next is the battle to bath the kids, get them ready in time and take them to school before assembly.

I return from their school around 8am and start my house chores; sweeping and mopping the house, taking care of the dishes, laundry, and ironing of clothes for hubby and the kids.

Most times I don't even remember breakfast till its almost noon.

Then I eat like a hunter being chased by a Lion, shower with the speed of lightning and fly out of the house to the market because I must return early enough to go fetch the kids from school.

I return with them and the struggle officially commences because I have to chase them around the house before they can take a shower after a playful day at school.

We continue the fight for them to eat before watching the television and I get so overwhelmed because it's almost 6pm and I haven't had lunch.

Well, I didn't even remember that because the most important thing on my mind at the moment is their undone homework and preparation of dinner.

Homework time is always special because it jogs my memory and reminds me that I actually went to school, as a matter of fact, I am a degree holder and not even you or the kids can take that away from me.

On the days we have mild homework I can rush it up and be through with preparing dinner before 7.45pm but some days are tougher and we eat as late as 8.30pm so that the kids are in bed by 9pm and of course I have to read them a bedtime story and pray with them before they drift to dreamland.

I dare note sleep off without doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen else the following day will be more hectic for me.

Beloved husband returns home around 9pm, eats dinner and spends a few minutes to gaze at the television screen while exchanging a few monosyllabic words with me as I arrange the kids' school uniforms and bags for school the following day.

I finally join him in bed when a few minutes have passed 11pm and then as I close my eyes to drift his hands start fondling my breast as a signal that he's in the mood for sex.

With a heavy heart, I surrender my aching body just to make him happy and I finally sleep off at almost midnight or later, depending on how long our ministration session lasts, only to be jerked back to consciousness by my phone alarm at 4.30am to continue the circle of life.

If I ever hear you call me a housewife and say I am the weaker sex again, that day you will lose the whole of your dentition!

Dedicated to all the strong woman, wives and mothers all over the world! God bless you and continue to renew your strength. You are indeed the real MVPs!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Women are the strongest being that ever worked the face of the earth. Our resilience is amazing

  2. If women a weaker as the say, then men are weak. The only multi tasking human are women.

    I respect u all. You guys are over blessed with hard work, resilient and dexterity

  3. Ohhhh this is just a daily reminder my dear. Well written and all captured!! I'm a woman and a very strong one at that.

  4. Lovely write-up.
    ✌๐Ÿผ, I'm a Proud wife &mother. whosoever says mothers are weaker vessels should have a rethink...
    Sommy said so๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  5. And you haven't even talked about the pain our bodies through with menstruation, birth, breastfeeding, weaning, family planning ๐Ÿฅด and we are still handling all these household chores, provide for the family too because they will call you lazy. Sighs

    1. We. Are. Super. Humans!
      Thanks for stopping by dear.

  6. Baby girl.... I felt you in every line... I have walked in those shoes... I celebrate you.

  7. This is so sweet! I enjoyed reading every bit of this writeup. More strength to our women.

    1. Thank you for reading!
      Good to have you hear.
      I hope you have subscribed to my Youtube channel.


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