Buchi and I were not very close when we worked together at Oxbridge Limited, though we related well as colleagues.

I guess he was just being very cautious not to cross boundaries with me then.

But there had always been a special connection between us as he fondly called me 'Pretty Koko'.

I am not sure I recall him ever calling me my full name, Kokoma.

I think I enjoyed the pet name he called me. It made me feel special and kinda sexy too.

Well, I decided on the lunch date with him because my life has suddenly become very boring and I have even begun to get tired of my boring life.

I am so looking forward to this lunch date as it seems like what I absolutely need at the moment.

Now I was struggling with what to wear. Should I dress casual or corporate?

I really want him to know that I'm still very pretty even after having three kids.

More Coming!

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