As days gradually turned into weeks and weeks into months, my job search became more frustrating.

Most of the available jobs were offering peanuts as payment.

After going for series of interviews and getting the 'we'll-get-back-to-you" response a hundred and one times, I decided to give up on job hunting.

The bills were seriously piling up and this really taking a toll on Henshaw.

Though I don't really understand how our expenses became so overwhelming, after all I know he was well paid by his company so I just wonder what he does with his money.

Well, I just have to find a way to support him so I decided to start a small business by the side.

This will definitely help me have my own money instead of always depending on the little allowance he gives me.

I've always had interest in trading online so maybe I could just give it a shot.

From the information I've gathered, it's even more convenient than opening a shop.

I just need the capital to place an order for my goods.

The major challenge now is this my husband's anthem of "I don't have money at the moment".

When will he finally have this money? I'm tired of his excuses.

I guess I'll sort for the money from another source.

© Onyinye Udeh


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