"Hello Pretty Koko. Been a while. I hope all is well with you. Just thought I should check up on you. Take care."

That was the first WhatsApp message that entered my phone that morning immediately I switched on my data. It was from Buchi.

Truthfully it's been a while we spoke or even chatted after the lunch date we had last month.

I've very busy with family responsibilities and my job search that I didn't even remember him forgetting that we agreed to stay in touch.

So nice of him to check on me, I think I should reciprocate the kind gesture.

I typed a message immediately;

"Hello dear. Thanks for checking on me. I'm alright and hope you are too. Have a great day at work."

Before I could finish reading and replying my other messages, Buchi responded.

"Wow. She's online finally. Thanks, though I'm not at work. Just relaxing at home since I'm on leave."

"Hmm. Enjoyment minister. Remain for us oh!"

"Lolz. What's up with you? Any luck with the job search?"

"I wish. Nothing for now oh. As a matter of fact I'm not even searching again."

"Really? Are you giving up so fast?"

"Well not entirely though. Wanna channel my energy to start up a small business"

"Ok. That's nice. What are your products?"

"I want to start with perfumes, clothes and footwears for now"

"Not bad at all. Can I see pictures of what you have? Have started getting orders?"

"Not yet. There's a little challenge though."

"What's the challenge?"

"Will send you pictures soon. Though the goods are not yet available. Will let you know when they arrive sha."

"Okay but why the delay? Hope there's no issue?"

"No issue. Just trying to raise the money at the moment. Hubby said I should chill till next month."

No response. Then I noticed his status was already showing last seen.

Obviously he's gone offline. I guess he had other things to attend to.

Anyway let me even chat Tracy up, maybe I can get a loan from her.

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