This message is only for those who take their health seriously. Do you know how important what you consume is to your health state?

Research has shown that regular and constant consumption of carbonated drinks or soft drinks, is risky to the health of an individual.

Due to the amount of sugar used in its production, these carbonated drinks have very harmful effects once you become addicted to them.

A large number of people who are guilty of this are unknowingly causing more harm to the heart, liver and other vital organs of their body.

Apart from the intake of excess sugar which can lead to obesity or weight gain, another adverse effect of carbonated drinks is that they can affect your cardiometabolic health which can cause heart-related disorder.

On the other hand, Hibiscus tea (popularly called zobo) has very vital health benefits compared to the regular soft drinks you consume daily.

Hibiscus tea contains antidepressants, manages blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, protects the liver, relieves menstrual pain, has anti-cancer properties and aids digestion.

All this nourishing goodness can be found in a bottle of 2HD.

It's made of natural extract of hibiscus leaf, pineapple, and ginger.

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Start your healthy living with 2HD.
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  1. Nice one, Tory-Teller. We often do not know that consuming most of our herbal/local drinks is healthier than these carbonated drinks.

  2. Nice one. Please help us to stay healthy by being informative to us

    1. Thank you CEO Bj. The Tory Teller's always here to keep you informed. I hope you have order your own 2HD😉


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