So a few days ago hubby and I had a disagreement that led to a very serious argument.

Of course this is not unusual, I'm sure that every couple goes through this phase too, it's part of the partnership.

After all they say, we agree to disagree right?

Okay so fast forward to 2days later, on my way to work I was involved in a minor accident.

I'm not saying minor because I feel indispensable but because I'm grateful I survived.

I checked and there was no bruise so I dusted myself and continued my journey to the office.

An hour later I had difficulty moving my left leg.

It was so bad I had to call hubby to come and take me home after my boss told asked me to go get treatment.

Now, the main gist begins. Hubby had to carry me everywhere including the restroom because I was in severe pain.

Anyway the following day, the kids had to go to school and I watched hubby wake up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for them like I always do, and get them ready for school in time.

I just laid down in bed and observed.

Hmm. So this guy can actually coordinate all this and he will leave me to be running helter skelter!

Chai! My God will judge him!

Yes he kept coming to ask me questions, even silly ones but then his brain was working well and the kids were falling in line to his orders instead of stressing him like they do to me.

Wonderful! I have just realized that this man and his children have been conspiring against me!

I'm so pained! My chest hurts badly.

Anyway hubby didn't go to work so he can take of his beloved wife.

Isn't that nice?

Well a few days later I'm feeling a lot better but I think I'm enjoying this my vacation as he and the kids run around to make sure mummy is alright and not stressed.

As you see me, I will not tell them I'm feeling better o.

Pls they should continue pampering me biko, me too I'm somebody's daughter.

I cannor coman kee myself mbok.

If u ever tell them that I'm pretending eh, all ya teeth will fall overnight!

No Christmas chicken for you!

So how many days rest do you think I should take?

© Onyinye Udeh


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