Let me be very honest, I don’t understand how they do it but then they always have a way of breaking my barriers and constantly humbling me.

I don’t know if my complaint is about hubby of life or his off springs.

On several occasions, when they upset me, I find it difficult to stay angry for long.

My daughter has gone as far as developing new tactics.

I noticed that anything that belongs to me suddenly becomes attractive and enticing to this young man called Husband and his descendants.

Hubby will leave his towel and use mine. Is it soap, perfume or body spray? He prefers mine.

I’m even suspecting that he has used my toothbrush before.

He prefers to use my charger for his phone too. Lolz.

Can you believe that at night when I go to use the restroom, Hubby will wake up and swap our pillows or roll over to my side of the bed? Please, who does that in Africa?

I’ve not seen this type of man before. I think he’s obsessed with me.

The other day I talked about it, my daughter opened her big mouth and said, “Mummy why are you complaining? Is he not your husband?”

Can you imagine that? I was still thinking of the most appropriate punishment to give her when she told me, “Mummy but you love him na?”

My God! Who told this girl what love is?

You see why I said it’s a scam?

Me I am not talking again!

© Onyinye Udeh