All day long my thoughts were fixed on Buchi and how we've become so fond of each other.

A message from him alone would make my heart skip a beat and God knows I am beginning to enjoy this feeling.

I was lost in thoughts that I didn't notice when the kids came into my room until my first son tapped my shoulder.

"Mummy! Why are you not answering Ima's call?" Uyime asked with worry on his face.

"Oh my love, I'm sorry mummy got carried away," I told him as I reached out to lift my 4 year old daughter who was trying to get my attention.

"Ima mi, I'm sorry I didn't hear you. What do you want mummy to do for you?" I asked as I pecked her cheek.

"Mummy, Ofonime took my tiger!" Ima said and burst into tears.

Oh! No! Not again. This Tiger issue again!

I have honestly gotten tired of settling the war between Ofonime, my 6 years old daughter and Imabong my last born.

When will Ofonime accept the fact that she's outgrown that Tiger-Teddy and let Imabong play with it peacefully?

"Uyime please call Ofonime immediately," I instructed my son.

Kids can be a handful undauntedly but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

In fact my world revolved around them.

Yes I still recall life before them, then it was just Henshaw and I.

Oh! Sweet memories. My handsome, caring and loving Henshaw.

He was different from others.

Our love and marriage had actually grown from a long time friendship and we had sure come a very long way.

My thoughts were wondering again.

Henshaw was everything I wanted in a man and more.

He is my best friend, my confidant, my support, the best companion any woman could have and he was very sensitive to everything about me.

I don't even need to say a word and he already knows what's on my mind.

Awww. This was one of the many reasons I married him.

He is good company and I couldn't think of any other man who could understand me and tolerant all my excesses.

Henshaw makes my happiness his priority always.

Yes I know he isn't perfect but he was perfect for me.

We had our issues, disagreements and arguments but then we know how to always get back.

So what exactly happened to my sweet Henshaw?
Only the thoughts of him was making my heart ejaculate.

I miss my husband so much, my heart was hurting badly.

I really need to have a talk with him. I need to know where I had gone wrong so that we can make amends.

I don't know how I can go on without the love of my life.

I thought if I become financially independent I would feel fulfillment and won't need him any more but right now, my heart feels like there is a hole in it that only surgery could correct.

My phone beeped. It was a message from Buchi.
"Royal Blue Hotel, V.I. 12noon. Reservations have been made exclusive. See you then Pretty Koko"

"Wait o, did this guy actually book hotel for me and him?" I said loudly, asking no one in particular.

"Abasi mbong! Kokoma you have seen something!"

I was just analyzing this my relationship with Buchi in my head when an idea popped like a very hot corn in a popcorn machine.

"It's alright, I know what to do!"

I was composing a reply to Buchi's message when Uyime returned with his two sisters in as they exchanged words in hot argument.

© Onyinye Udeh.


  1. This is Lisa Jackson. Abeg the anticipation don over tay biko post the answer ooo

    1. Oh dear.
      Thanks for staying.
      Don't worry I'll personally notify you once it's published.
      Pardon me I've had my hands full

  2. I say you've not seen anything yet and you must go to that hotel o. Kokolet


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