After our Christmas party at the office on the 24th, which was a one-of-kind party I must add, we got another shocker from the company.

A gift hamper with our pet name tagged on it.

It was an overwhelming and lovely experience.

Of course I've received gifts several times from my employers but this was .... different.

Awww! So special. We felt all kinds of emotions.

When I found my hamper tagged "Onyi- Bekee" I was speechless.

Let me confess, none of my previous Boss has ever called me that.

Then I shouted out to everyone's hearing "pls can take a picture blowing a kiss to Mr Chinonso?"

Immediately everyone complied and took their positions.

A beautiful picture it was.

I got home opened my hamper and I saw a handwritten love note.

I felt lovestruck by this gesture.

I was amazed. I almost shed tears after reading the note because I've never felt this way before.

I've worked with him for just two months and this?

I don't need a soothsayer to tell me that I'm home.

Sabi Writers is where I was born to be.

Now I'm wishing that I'd given him a peck or a very warm hug.

I know my colleagues would have been shouting "married woman!"

But I don't care.

Who said married women cannot be emotional or express love to others?

Abeg let me express myself.

To think that he took time to write a love note for every staff, that's a big one.

I'm honoured and come 2020, I'll give Sabi Writers 200% of all I should.

God bless my Boss, Chinonso Ogbuogu!

Long live Sabi Writers!

So which should I give him, a hug or a peck?

© Onyinye Udeh


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