The last month of the year 2019.

Wow! What a year!

Happy New Month y'all. I'm hoping you went to church to thank God because there are many reasons to be grateful right?

Well, this month is going to be very special and we are sure to have a good time for all those who would love to know more about The Tory Teller.

I look forward to sharing a lot of me with you.

Yes, this month is special to me and I'm sure it is for you.

I'll be revealing many things you didn't know about me as a Writer, Journalist, Storyteller, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Neighbor, Aunt and of course a Lagosian and citizen of Nigeria.

And yes you can drop your questions in the comment section for those who want to know more.

Get ready, it's going to be a long and interesting ride because I'm going to bare it all.

So who's ready?

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This is me wishing you the best of the rest of the year!


© Onyinye Udeh.


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