Today's 2nd of December and in a month's time I'll be celebrating my 11th year in marriage.

What a journey!

11 years of ups and downs, highs and lows, weakness and strength, break ups and make ups.

When people ask me how it has been I honestly don't know what to tell them.

Most times I just smile and say, "It's been God."

There were days of lovey dovey, yet there were days of "don't talk to me."

Hubby and I got married quite early so we encountered lots of challenges that we were not prepared or equipped for.

I've come to learn, unlearn and relearn a whole lot of things "on the job" but I must confess, love is never enough.

You just have to be ready to give more than love.

Your time, your treasure and your talent too.

Marriage is very demanding and you should be ready to give your all.

In the past 11 years I've lived through 5 pregnancies which produced 2 wonderful kids, 2 years of separation and I've fallen in love with 2 other men!

A whole lot right? Yeah, that's story for another day.

So when I say I've seen it all, believe me.

I guess you're wondering how I stayed married to the same guy. Lolz.

One thing I'm very sure of, is that we love and care about each and that's what matters most.

Over time we've come to understand ourselves better and our friendship has grown stronger after every storm.

As long as God's grace remains available we are sure to overcome any challenge.

So this is me wishing hubby and I, Pre-Anniversary sweetness as we look forward to more blissful years ahead plus more money and more children!


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Biko, I'm very much interested in this part, "2 years of separation and I've fallen in love with 2 other men!"

    When shall thou spill the beans?

    Happy anniversary in advance!

    1. Me too o. Please spill Tory_ Teller

    2. Hahaha. I know you love gist. Relax it's all unfolding, just stay tuned

  2. Lolz. Stay with The Tory Teller for more gist. And thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Wow! My mouth was wide open the whole time. Please spill more.
    Happy Anniversary Tory_Teller.
    You are a bomb.

    1. Lolz. Stay tuned dear. We're unfolding gradually.


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