It's the 25th of December y'all! Wow!

Yeah, Christmas is here!

Let me confess I'm super excited about this particular Christmas.

Please don't mind me, I'm almost always excited about special and unusual things.

Yes we're here, one week to the end of the year.

I'm in a very happy mood as I put this piece down and that's because this a different kind of Christmas for me.

Well, last Christmas was good but this is better. Why?

Because I have y'all.

As at last year, I was just your regular mother, journalist and teacher looking out for the best way to express me, and expectant of a Christmas gift.

But here we are today, I'm a blogger, that's an addition to my portfolio, and I gat you, plus I've got my own personal blog sister!

Yeah, she's none other than Miss Flowery herself.

You can find her @ Gelaxchatroom.

Gelax and I

Isn't that awesome?

That's so special to me because everything I do now, I've got you in mind.

I'm constantly thinking of my blog family and what to post for y'all to make you happy.

Anyway that's why we started this journey, remember?

Now my next post is going to be about my 2019 experience so please don't miss it.

For those who haven't subscribed, what are you waiting for?

Please do so immediately and remember to tell someone to tell someone to do same.

Another reason I'm excited is, I got lots of Christmas gifts from people I least expected.

Awww! Feeling emotional just by thinking of it.

So, what did you get for Christmas?

Please share in the comment section let's bask in the happiness ambiance with you.

And yes, my Christmas give away is still ongoing.

Kindly comment your preferred network let's get your phone credited immediately.

I love y'all and I wish a very pleasant Christmas celebration and more.

 Blowing you a kiss!

Waiting to hear from y'all.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! My blog sister gave me a shout out! See, Mama I made it! LOL
    And yes, you can find me here

    Thanks Madam Tory Teller


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