Monday morning on my way to work, I alighted from a bus but had to take a short walk to the next bus park where I would get a bus that would take me straight to the office.

It's not really a long-distance but for someone like me who doesn't like walking, it seemed like I was trekking to the East from Lagos.

Oh Lord please give me the strength, I prayed within me.

From the bus stop I alighted, there were several bike men calling out to me. Hmm.

I could have just picked a responsible looking rider like I usually do, but then I was just recovering from the accident I had last week.

I had already started getting weary especially since my ankle was still healing. Some of the bike men persisted and kept calling out to me.

"Fine girl come na," one said.

"Baby, come I go drive you jeje," another said.

At that point, I just knew they were sent by either the demons on duty in that vicinity or my village people had finally located my office.

"You did not see me!" I said within myself as I walked on.

I remembered how I was carried around because of my swollen ankle, I walked on.

I remembered how I used an umbrella as a walking stick when I wanted to pee at night, I walked on.

I remembered the young man that massaged my leg and how I cried like a baby because of the pain, I kept walking.

I remembered all I went through during the weekend, I increased my walk.

Then I got to the bus park and I boarded.

Praise God, they did not get me!


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