First, I know I said my next post will be about my 2019 experience.

Pardon me, I really need to share this one.

So yesterday was my office shut down party and honestly it was lit!

I must confess it's been a long time I had so much fun especially with colleagues.

I enjoyed every bit of it.

And yes I slayed. If I don't slay wetin I gain? Lolz.

Some people are still asking me if I'm sure that I'm not single. Lolz.

You can't blame them na, I don't only specialize in tory telling, I specialize in looking good too.

And then the icing on the cake was when my boss surprised us with a gift pack we weren't expecting!

It was a "WOW!" moment.

We all felt so loved and appreciated, yeah nothing beats that.

I got home to find a hand written note from my boss inside my hamper and after reading it I felt so emotional.

Awww! I've never felt this way with any of my employers. Never!

And today I tell the world that I have the best Boss in the world.

Pls don't argue with me, if you don't agree, just drop your Boss's name let the challenge begin!

So yes my Christmas Eve was awesome and guess what, my Christmas is even more special.

Relax you'll get the full gist shortly, just stay tuned.

Once again, Merry Christmas and pls tell me how your Christmas went.

I love you plenty!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Mine was not good the feeling was bad

    1. Oh dear. So sorry you feel this way.
      Would you like to talk about it?
      What can I do to make you feel better?


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