Okay, my Christmas morning started with a special alone time with hubby of life. Lolz.

What were you expecting? He's the first person I see when I open my eyes. And yes we're stuck in this forever journey.

Well, afterwards I took a shower and proceeded to the kitchen to officially start the day's cooking since we were expecting visitors.

Let me confess, I don't usually go out on Christmas day.

I prefer to stay indoors with family and receive as many visitors as possible.

Findings from my research show that almost all the interesting places are overcrowded on Christmas day, so my outdoor groove starts after Christmas.

After a few hours well spent in the kitchen, I produced this! White rice with chicken and vegetable sauce.

Yes, I know I did a good job because my guests were asking for more.

Some even requested for a portion to take home.

Well I'm not your regular kinda mother, plus I'm an Anambra wife, so I topped it with this! Semovita and ofe nsala (white soup) with goat meat.

And my neighbors were partakers of my delicious delicacy because I ensured they had a taste of my cooking.

What's Christmas without giving?

My kids were not left out of the fun as they opened their Christmas gifts with excitement and curiosity.

My daughter finally got the phone she's been craving for. You need to see the joy on her face!

And my son got a Vuvuzela, a 2020 shade and a sparkling yoyo!

My ears have lost their sense of hearing since then because the way he blows the vuvuzela, you'll think he's one of the Angels assigned to blow the trumpet!

Last confession, hubby was so helpful today.

From helping out with preparation of all the ingredients to doing the dishes after the visitors left.

He even surprised me with his niceness.

Now I'm suspecting he will want reciprocation in za oda room. Lolz.

Without mincing words, my Christmas was awesome and I'm grateful for life, family, friends, provision and most importantly, you!

So how did you spent your Christmas?

© Onyinye Udeh


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