"Hello Buchi I got your message. Thanks but I need a small favour from you. I'm having issues with my account and need to urgently receive some money from a customer. Can you please send your account details so that the money will be paid in on my behalf?"

It didn't take up to ten minutes and he responded.

"Its alright. Buchi Onyebuchi 9876543211 Gateway bank. What's the issue with your account? I hope you rectify it soon especially for your business transactions."

I was so happy that he released his account details.

God please forgive me for lying but I need to send him back his money so that he doesn't think I owe him anything.

After all it was a loan I asked for.

I didn't waste time to transfer his one hundred thousand naira back to him.

Greek gift indeed!

At least let me be sure where this insult is coming from.

Just imagine me, Kokoma Henshaw lounging in a Hotel with Buchi.

Hmm. Nothing Musa no go see for gate. Nonsense!

The ringing of my phone jerked me back to reality.

I actually thought it was Buchi calling and was contemplating if I should pick the call or not.

I looked again and it was my husband. Oh my love!

"Hello," I said into the receiver immediately I picked.

"My baby girl of life," I heard him call out.

I could sense the smile and excitement in his voice. I wasn't sure if I should feign anger or just act normal.

"Hmm, where is all this niceness coming from?" I asked as I tried to keep a straight face.

"Kaykay Darling. My sugar baby. Ima mi. Sweet...." I didn't let him finish

"Is this a bribe or something? You cannot get me. I'm not available," I cut in wishing in my heart that he'll continue because it had really been a while I heard those sweet names from him.

"Baby please bear with me. I promise I'll make it up to you my love."

"Henshaw please go straight to the point if you have something to say."

I just needed him to know I was hurting.

"Yes I have a lot to tell you but I just wanted to soften your heart before I arrive. I'm close. I should be home in the next ten to fifteen minutes. Please just wait for me," I heard my husband request.

I didn't need the people of Ikot-Ekpene to tell me that his heart was heavy and he needed to unburden.

"It's alright Honey. I'm here and I'm waiting for you."


"Yes, love?"

"You know I love you right?"

"I know honey."

"See you soon ima mi."

And the line went dead.

While I was struggling to assimilate the conversation between Henshaw and I, my phone beeped.

It's a text message.

My account had just been credited with two hundred thousand naira.

******           ********           *******   

Watch out for Part 12.

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  1. Hmmmm, I think something is fishy here

  2. Since they both don't need the money, they should kuku send it to mine. My account is working perfectly fine... Radarada


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