I couldn't help but wonder who would have sent me the money. My thoughts immediately went to Buchi.

Was he trying to prove a point or something? I think it's high time I called him and told him a little of how I feel about his recent action.

I dialed Buchi's number several times but he wasn't picking. Now I had already become worried with different thoughts running through my head.

Maybe I should call him in the morning then, besides it was almost 11pm and not really a good time to disturb. I'm sure he should be asleep at this time.

I was still battling with my thoughts when I heard Henshaw's car drive in. Thank God he arrived safely.

I couldn't even wait for him to get upstairs when I rushed to the door to welcome him.

"Kaykay my love," his voice always had a way of soothing me no matter how angry I am. I'm sure he knows this and has been using it to his own advantage.

"Welcome honey," I responded as I moved into his open arms.

"How about the kids? I'm sure they're asleep. I hope they're alright?" he asked.

"Yes, they are though I'm sure they've missed spending time with you."

"Oh, dear. I have missed them too. My leave starts next week. I already have plans for our weekend anyway." he winked at me as we walked into the sitting room together after he had secured the lock of the entrance door.

"So how was your day?"  I asked as I took his suitcase from him.

"Kaykay, work went well, as a matter of fact, work was great. You won't believe what has been going on in the company in past few months."

"Hmm. I hope all is well," I replied not sure if this information was good or bad news.

"Sweet I really need to take a shower right now. I'll give you details after that. Is there anything light for me to just chew? I don't really feel hungry since it's already late. I just want to keep my mouth busy," he said as he took off his clothes.

"Yeah, there are some fruits in the fridge. I'll get them for you."

"That's why I love you," he pecked my cheek and headed to the bathroom.

I was still sorting out his clothes in the room when his phone beeped from a message.

I tried to place the phone on the dressing table when my eyes caught a glimpse of the message before the phone light went off.

"I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant!"

Should I drop the phone or should I open the message?

I'm very sure of what I saw. Is Henshaw cheating on me?

Abasi! Am I dreaming or something?

**********                       **********                        **********                **********

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