I rubbed my eyes not wanting to accept what I had just seen. Is this a dream? Is someone really pregnant for Henshaw?

Should I confront him or wait for him to inform me? What if he refuses to tell me?

Chai! Henshaw has killed me. Is that why he has been giving me that terrible attitude and now he's trying to act so loving and caring?


How could he do such to me? After everything I have done in this union?

A million and one thoughts were going through my mind.

I was yet to decide on how to handle this matter when he came out of the bathroom with a smile on his face.

"Kaykay, how far? I thought you were bringing the fruits for me?" Henshaw asked ignorant of what I had just discovered.

I didn't utter a word. I just walked past him to the kitchen to get the fruits and placed them on the table in the room.

God knows it was just my body functioning because my mind was far away from this house.

I couldn't get over what I had just seen with my two eyes.

If anyone had told me this, I would have called the person a lie and disgraced the person while the words were still forming in such person's mouth.

Immediately I dropped the fruits and turned to leave the room, Henshaw's hands held my waist from behind.

Why is he holding me? I thought to myself.

Does he still need me in his life when another woman is about to have a baby for him?

My thoughts were incomplete when he gradually and steadily turned me to face him.

Now we stood facing each other.

Head to head. Shoulder to shoulder. Eyeball to eyeball.

He looked me straight in the eyes.

I loved this man with my life. But I cannot tolerate cheating.


Because I know all I have given up just to be by his side and remain faithful irrespective of all the handsome and rich guys who had offered me much more than he could ever.

"Please excuse me," I said as faintly as possible, almost a whisper.

"Ima mi, what's wrong? Why the sudden coldness?" He asked as he searched my face, confusion visible on his forehead and brows.

Did he really think I was a fool? How long did he think he could hide this?

"Please I'd like to be alone if you don't mind." I replied with a straight face.

Before he could utter a word, I untangled myself from his grip and walked out of the bedroom.

I had already made up my mind to spend the night in the guest room.

I heard him call out to me but there was no need turning back or answering his call.

If he could betray my trust, he was definitely a stranger to me and I didn't owe him any explanation.

Besides he didn't seek my  consent before breaking our marriage vows.

Before he could get to me, I'd gotten to my destination and locked myself in.

Again, the pillows would be my companion for the night.

**********                ***********                  *********                    ***********

Onyinye Udeh


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