I had made up my mind not to shed a tear.

No. Not a drop.

I'll just lie still in bed and think happy thoughts until I drift.

But then, no happy thought was coming except the ones with Henshaw in them.

I didn't want to think about him.

Maybe I'll just call Buchi again and confirm why he sent that money back to me.

By the way, it won't even be a bad idea to spend my Thursday with Buchi.


Does Henshaw deserve my faithfulness?

Well, I really don't think so.

I should call Buchi and confirm my availability for tomorrow.

God! What's happening to me?

Am I sure this is what I want or am I just trying to get back at Henshaw for cheating on me?

Whatever! I don't care.

Anyway it's not like I'm going to have sex with another man sha.

At least not yet.

We'll just keep each other company.

Anything to get my mind of Henshaw and his mistress saga.

I'd dialed Buchi's number the second time when my call was finally picked and I heard a faint "hello".

Obviously I had woken him up from sleep.

"Hello, Buchi. I'm sorry for calling you by this time. I just...." I couldn't finish the sentence.

"P.K or whoever you are, don't you think it's too late to be calling a married man's phone?"

I didn't realize I was talking to a woman initially.

I just noticed it was a female voice.

Abasi Mbong!!!

So Buchi is married?

My head began to immediately solve mathematics and chemistry at the same time.

How come? When? For real?

I remembered I was on a call as I noticed the phone in my hand.

"I'm so sorry ma. Please forgive me. He bought some items from me and I've been trying to reach him all day to thank him. Pardon me please. Good night."

I didn't wait for her response before I ended the call.

So Buchi is married? And he never mentioned it to me.

Ah! Men are so deceptive.

Kai! Na wa oh!

So I've been fooling myself with another woman's husband.


Thank God nothing happened between us.

Now my emotions are so messed up.

Am I angry with Buchi or I'm mad at Henshaw?

Who is even worse?

I was still struggling with my thoughts when I heard the knock at door.

My phone started ringing simultaneously.

I looked at the screen of my phone to realize it was Henshaw calling.

At the same time knocking at the door.

"Baby I'm not leaving here till you let me in. Please we need to talk." Henshaw said from the other side of the door loud enough for me to hear without waking the kids up.

"Henshaw, please I desperately need to get some rest." I replied as I used the pillow to cover my face while throwing myself on the bed,

"I know, sweet. I won't take much of your time I promise." he answered pleadingly.

My phone was ringing again.

And so was the knock at the door.

This guy won't just let me be.

Maybe I'll just let him in so he can give me his rehearsed line.

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© Onyinye Udeh.


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