Hurray! The much anticipated 2020 is finally here.

We made it to the New Year!

I'm glad to have y'all with me in 2020. I'm sure this journey we have began will be a rewarding one.

Well, most of you may have started penning down your dos and don'ts for the New year.

Undauntedly a good headstart if you ask me.

One thing I know is that you don't necessarily have to write down unrealistic goals or make plans that are obviously beyond your achievement level.

Please I'm not saying you should limit yourself though.

Not a good idea.

Truth is, you may not be fully aware of exactly how the year would play out, but you can have good prospects as to how you would like it to go and steps you'll make to achieve your desires.

Now here are a few ideas as to what I'll do in the year 2020:

- Put God first in everything

- Have a gratitude jar

- Give sparingly without expecting to receive

- Do the unpredictable.

- Go an extra mile, do the extraordinary.

- Remain positive always

- Kill procrastination! Take action now!

Well, there's more but I'll start with this.

So this is me, The Tory Teller thanking y'all for being here for me in 2019 and wishing y'all all the blessings that 2020 brings.

Happy New Year!

Let's Take Over 2020!

© Onyinye Udeh


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