Over the weekend, I made a clarion call to all everyone on my social media platform, family, friends, lovers, and fans to feel free to ask me questions ranging from relationships, career, marriage, parenting and of course sex too.

How can I miss that out?

Surprisingly, I got responses from many, even those I least expected.

And yes, I was both thrilled and excited not just about the questions but the fact they trusted me enough to reach out and confide in me.

I must confess, I was very humbled.

Life itself is full of lessons and we learn every day.

My discussions with them gave me a better understanding and has also helped me see things differently.

Well, with their consent, I have decided to publish these questions, anonymously though, and my response to the best of my knowledge.

I hope you learn something new

Q: Is it okay to have sex with a divorced woman?
A: NO! I do not think it is okay. First, is the woman legally divorced? Please do well to confirm this so that it doesn't turn out to be something else.

On the hand, why would you just want to have sex with a divorced woman?

Is that all there is to your relationship with her?

I think there should be more. Dear, I think you deserve more and so does she. Please think again.

In my opinion, if you must have sex why not get married and enjoy unlimited legal sex.

Q: Is it okay to practice anal and oral sex?
A: Well, I will be very honest, sex is more than just intimacy and should be an agreement between the two parties involved especially with both parties' consent.

There is really no Biblical point as regards anal or oral sex so I may just fall back to the medical implication of this.

Let me remind you that the function of the anus is to process and release feces so obviously there must be side effect if used for sexual activity.

As for oral sex, this should depend on both parties.

Discuss with your spouse and if possible your doctor on how to improve your sexual life.

Q: My wife is in a hurry to have kids but I'm not what do I do?
A: My dear it's not unusual for her to have this feeling.

It's good she has even told you what she wants.

Please sit down and have a heart to heart talk with her.

Communicate in love and come to an agreement, even if it means reaching a compromise, that's still okay.

Q: My wife had a miscarriage when should we start trying again?
A: Dearest, I am so sorry for your loss.

I hope you two were able to get medical help as to the cause of this miscarriage.

If you haven't, please do immediately.

I think you need to see a gynecologist as soon as possible too.

They will advise you on how to go about this and when you can start trying again.

Okay let's look at the bright side, this proves that you are both fertile, right?

Please cheer up. Another will come soon. Be expectant.

You do not want to miss the continuation of this dialogue session.

And yes I am always available to answer your questions and listen to your opinion about anything you want to talk about.

The Tory Teller loves you always.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Many thanks, for your honest answer, i quite agree with you. And we love Tory-Teller too. Keep giving us hot spicy ToryπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


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