Every member of Umuezeoke village believed that my father died an unhappy man because he didn't have a male child but I know better.

My sisters and I have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that my mum is properly taken care of since the death of my dad two years ago.

While he was alive, my father never failed to let us, my sisters and I, know how important we were to him and this made us feel more valuable than male children.

The love I saw between my parents was enough to keep our family going and growing strong irrespective of the objection of my grandmother and members of our kindred.

My kinsmen, especially my father's younger brother, Uncle Okwudiri, have done everything to make life uncomfortable for mum, my sisters and I.

Uncle Okwudiri believes that he is supposed to inherit my mum like she is a piece of land.

But we have all vowed that such will never happen.

My elder sisters, Ifeoma and Ifeyinwa, are seriously making arrangements for us to relocate from this village.

I look forward to the day I'll sleep peacefully all night without guarding the door to stop Uncle Okwy from having access to my mum.

I wonder why that man cannot take no for an answer.

He has made several attempts and one would begin to wonder if he doesn't get satisfied by his wife.

A father of four boys who believes that he is the giver of male children.

He claims that he can give my mum a male child by sleeping with her just once.

According to him he wants to help my father continue his lineage.

We all know that he has been lusting after my mum since the day she was married into this family about twenty-nine years ago, as my father explained to us.

Funny enough my mum is two years older than him since he is just forty-nine years old.

Sometimes I look at him and have this impression that he is happy that my father is no more.

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© Onyinye Udeh


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