Death is a strong and inevitable part of life, how ironic.

The death of a loved one always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the bereaved.

First comes the shock, then the denial.

Initially it's very difficult to accept the news.

We start wishing that we are in a dream and hope to wake up to it being an illusion.

But when the reality eventually dawns on us, it seems like a very heavy object has been hurled at us causing physical hurt and pain.

The heart begins to bleed invisibly but continuously.

The pain undescribable, unimaginable and inexpressible.

Then the tear glands overflow and somehow we wish tears could bring our loved one back but then that's also an impossible feat.

Because if tears could, we sure won't need to recruit so many.

The family of the loved one alone can unite to cry rivers to evoke resurrection.

At that point our first flash back is of the last time we saw, spoke or spent time with our loved one gone.

Did they enjoy our company?

Were we kind to them?

Our words and deeds, were they pleasant?

Will they remember us for good?

But then again it's all in the past.

Time has taken care of that without our consent.

Good or bad, the deed has been done.

We cannot undo it neither can we turn back the hands of time.

All that's left are the memories of our time together.

We pray and hope that they find peace in the world beyond.

The question is, while we're still here, how well have we treated those who we still have here with us?

What kind words or deeds have we shared with those around us now that we still can?

Remember no one knows tomorrow and death is inevitable.

While I still can, let me tell you,
I love you and you mean a lot to me.

Please stay with me and for me!

Photo credit: www.zimbio.com

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. It's always hard dealing with the death of a loved one. May Kobe & Gigi's souls rest in peace. I hope they made heaven.

    1. Amen.
      I also pray for courage for the families who are grieving.


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