WHY DID I GET MARRIED? (Final Part, 15)

Henshaw stepped into the room immediately I opened the door and shut it behind him.

"Kaykay I know you're upset about a lot of things but I would like to crave your indulgence a little," he began as I walked towards the bed to sit.

I didn't utter a word. I'm not sure I have the strength for any form of interrogation this night.

Maybe I'll just settle for the role of attentive listener.

"Baby, please I need you to calm down. There's an explanation for every misconception, I promise."

"I thought we had an understanding as at when I returned from work and went to take a shower only to come out of the bathroom and see your countenance had suddenly changed. Please talk to me my love. What's upsetting you?" He continued.

Is he really going to feign ignorance and act like all is well? Did Henshaw think I was dump or naive?

"Are you honestly asking me that question intentionally or do I look like a clown to you?" I threw back at him, wanting him to have a feel of my anger before my venom is unleashed.

"Baby, why are you talking like this?" Henshaw asked trying to play the victim.

"Please if you have something to say, out with it already. I don't think I'm in the mood for too much talk," I responded as I grabbed a pillow to support my elbow while resting it on my lap.

"I'm sorry about the digression. I mentioned earlier that we had some issues at work. For some months now the members of top management, of which I am one, have been understand investigation because of embezzlement of funds...."

My eyes widened involuntarily, "Abasi Mbong! I hope you had nothing to do with it!"

"Not at all. Babe you should have a little more faith in me," he replied with a form of disappointed look at me.

"I'm sorry, I do. I just wanted to confirm what I already know."

"Well, the investigation has been wrapped up and findings have been made."

"Thank God, so who is the culprit? Or is it more than one person?" I asked immediately searching his face like the answers were written there.

"Well, it was discovered that Mr Olabode the acting MD and cousin to the CEO, was responsible for the misappropriation in collaboration with the accountant," he said to calm my curiosity.

"Hmm. Na wa o. That's serious. So how much was involved," I asked again.

"From the whole calculations the missing funds run into millions of dollars."

"Iya mi ooo!" I couldn't hold myself as I screamed.

"Shhhhh! You'll wake the kids," Henshaw whispered to remind me it was midnight.

I had to place my palm over my mouth to stop me from making another exclamation.

"Anyway, the CEO has returned from his vacation and the culprits have been detained for now."

"Very good!" I released again as I threw my fist in the air to depict victory.

"During the investigation, our company accounts were temporarily frozen, and that's why I couldn't give you the money you requested for your business."

"Oh dear," I said with guilt-filled face.

Now I understand better.

"It's alright. I think it was all my fault for not explaining to you in details. I'm sorry I let the crisis at work get the best of me. I was overwhelmed with whole situation, I shouldn't have shut you out. I'm sorry my love," he said as he reached out to touch my hands.

"I'm sorry too. I may have acted a little too desperate," I held on to his hands like my life depended on them.

I wanted to rest my head on his shoulders too but then....

"It's alright. All that is in the past now. We should be able to access our accounts by tomorrow. Did yours get credited because I asked someone to send you two hundred thousand naira today so that you can start off your business process," Henshaw asked.

"Oh it was from you!" To say I was shocked would be an understatement, "Yes I received the money. Thank you Honey."

"You're welcome my love. Anything for you," he said as he pecked my face.

I needed to get my emotions right immediately. So I looked into his eyes and asked.

"Henshaw was I too overbearing that you found peace with another woman?" My tear gland was about to give me away but I didn't care.

"Kaykay, where is this question coming from? I'm lost. Do you think I've been unfaithful to you?" His eyeballs were starring into mine.

"I was holding your phone when a message came in about someone being pregnant?"

"Oh that. Well it was from Miss Katherine our accountant at work. She's been trying to convince us to plead for her though we also discovered she and Olabode were having an affair."

"You don't mean it?!"

"According to her he promised her marriage. She said she's pregnant for him," Henshaw said with indifference on his face.

"This doesn't sound good. Being pregnant in such a situation."

"The main issue is that Olabode is already married and his family is located in Akure."

"Abasi! And he was deceiving her! That's very callous of him!" I couldn't hide my feelings.

"Well, that's too bad. It's a pity she allowed herself to be fooled maybe because she feels age is not on her side."

"Honey, you can't blame her. Isn't she the one you told me that marked her 40th birthday early this year?"

"Exactly the person. You remember!"

"I feel for her now. If she's pregnant then there's hope her life won't be a lonely one after all," I said trying to hold on to something good in a bad situation.

"Speaking of loneliness, that has been my companion for some time now. I've miss you my love," he said pulling me into his arms.

I didn't object because I knew that is where I am meant to be, today, tomorrow and always.

"I'm sorry honey, for ever doubting you," I said as I relaxed into his arms.

"I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark, and baby I promise we'll never let communication take a backseat in this union again, okay?"

"Okay, we'll talk about everything, always," he didn't let me finish the statement before he kissed me with so much passion.

I matched the passionate kiss with mine as my body surrendered to his touch.

Now I remember why I got married.

Henshaw, though not perfect, was made for me. I love him with his imperfections and he compliments mine.

We deserve each other and we'll never let us down no matter the situation we find ourselves.

Our love was enough to carry us through irrespective of how strong the storms of life.

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